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  1. Are you sure you performance impact is materials related? What your describing sounds more like code impact.
  2. Goal is AI first then Player. YAK-38 EFM preview. Landing gear Forces debug code added to display the forces upon the landing gears.
  3. Hello everyone, I finally got my new PC and I am able to do what I love and Learn in the process. I will let the Photos speak for themselves. I wish you all the best. Today's Work Progress.
  4. Well look what I noticed in the new Top gun Trailer, Pause the trailer at the 2.09 mark to see the SU-57. Could this be a Dream sequence by maverick? Also It's clear in this shot that they are flying a F-14 so F-14 vs SU-57 , that's insane.
  5. Stand Alone of course, Everything is being model from the real aircraft.
  6. More progress from our texture artist "Wallace".
  7. We now have Access to 3 Airframes through out Russia in order to help us with the research in regards the YAK-38M. Our Team has grown as well. Cubanace Wallace Ccpimo Kirill Best Regards: Cubanace.
  8. You have to have latest Open beta, SU-57 mod is not compatible with old dcs builds.
  9. Hello Urbi unfortunately I been doing worse and slower , I haven't been able to recover, I still have a crappy laptop and not the needed tools to do things professionally not like if I were a professional because I am not but I try . I use Paint.net for texturing because that's the only thing that my laptop can run. I had Covid and also had a baby so yeah Family comes first, My projects are moving extremely slow and limited with what I can achieve at the moment.
  10. Some progress on the 3D model.
  11. Here is the latest release for DCS Open Beta. Download at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fe4v1jzv5o1r8uk/SU-57 Felon.7z?dl=0 Screenshots will cover what's new.
  12. my apologies for not being so active but im extremely busy lots of research and study to bring you guys this new build of the SU-57 . EFM is also started developing tools such as CFD and matlab snd Simulink are being used to create the FM and Systems.
  13. SU-57 cockpit improvements coming.
  14. Thats my goal. Progressing slowly, need better blueprints.
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