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  1. i am using this mod,but it is not compatible with Helios while using extra screen. Now the mfds become double shows and the DED is missing. Anyone knows how to solve the problem?TX
  2. Hi! do you know how to change the position of NS430 panel?
  3. Now we should resize NS430 screen position.How to set the fixed position of our screen?
  4. Just want to use this APP to edit the waypoint on my Android Pad while playing FC3.
  5. Do you konw how to use it?what is meaning of“set env variable JAVA_HOME to the installed JDK”?
  6. How to use it? still available for DCS 2.7? How to use it? still available for DCS 2.7?
  7. How to put the MFD on my second monitor?i just find it work only after pressing F2 button.In the view of cockpit,the second monitor cant show the MFD.
  8. I got the same problem,the APP cant work well with other tools such as WINWing light panel and Stream Deck.
  9. I just found F-keys didnt work after running DCSUtil.exe,what happened?
  10. 用安卓的dcs ufc 的app 直接开google map飞
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