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  1. Agreed, I personally don't see myself buying an RBT with no R-40 even though I love the Foxbat.
  2. Can definitely agree on the Viper's odd target type stuff, but really it's just not been an issue for me in my experience using it extensively in BVR, at least in SAM mode. All it takes is one TMS up and I've got my target soft locked and ready to fire at, and one more TMS up is STT if I ever decide I needed to use that mode. Really unfortunate that you are having issues with TMS right not stepping you between your targets consistently. Agree with you on countermeasures as well, but once we get DTC in DCS that will no longer be an issue as you will be able to save countermeasure programs. I can see not using hatswitches being an issue though, as the Viper's HOTAS controls shine because of them. Maybe it is one of those things where you have to have a nice HOTAS to actually make the Viper's HOTAS commands make sense, especially magnified with the TM Warthog because it's the same stick. You can swap between CRM and ACM by using the dogfight switch. Using that lets you quickly toggle between MRM Override and DGFT mode. Once in dogfight mode, you can swap between your ACM mode using TMS. TMS up for boresight, TMS right for HUD scan, and TMS down for vertical scan. I'd say the Viper and Hornet are equally simple to use in ACM modes but the Hornet having AIM-9s lock automatically without pressing uncage puts it just over the edge IMO. Yes the TGP was all kinds of messed up before but the SPI issue is largely fixed now. Later in early access DTOS mode will allow you to slave your TGP to your velocity vector afaik. And I also do understand your point about the MFDs. It's just never been an issue for me to quickly jettison my tanks as you can just DMS right, press S-J and select the tanks, then hold weapon release and you're done in the span of 3 seconds. My point was if you're dropping the tanks in the Hornet you aren't paying attention to the DDIs anyway, but I would agree with you that the Hornet's method is superior. You also don't have to use MFDs to change the AIM-9 seeker mode. Just keep selected on slave and hold cursor enable whenever you need to slew it around in boresight mode using the helmet. Personally I think a lot of nitpicking between Viper and Hornet users stems from us just not knowing the HOTAS commands of the other aircraft. We get used to one originally and get salty that the other uses completely different HOTAS logic when we swap between them. Nothing will ever warm me up to my RWR being vomited all over the HUD though.
  3. How though? The only thing you do on the Viper to select AIM-120 or AIM-9 is just hold NWS. It is literally a single button press. If you want to change your bomb rippling and spacing and how many you drop you just press SMS and its all right there for you to change with a simple button press. No clunky interaction between DDIs and UCP like in the Hornet. How is countermeasure management easier in the the Hornet? The Viper gets a dedicated screen displaying exactly how many chaff and flare you have left without using an MFD. All you have to do on the Viper is press CMS forward to activate your program. TPOD operation is a bit clunkier than the Hornet at least for now, once DTOS mode is added looking for targets in TOO will be much easier. But the TGP is always slaved to whatever your waypoint is. Any time you wish to reset your view back to your steerpoint just press CZ. Don't really see how that's any different from pressing designate on the Hornet and having to undesignate as well. Radar mode switching is once again a simple hold of NWS to swap between RWS and TWS; you can even change range and azimuth just by moving the cursor to the limits of the screen. The Hornet's radar is actually super clunky to use IMO and I find the Viper's to be vastly superior in user friendliness. TMS up to lock, TMS down to unlock, TMS left to IFF, TMS right to step between targets, that's just peak simplicity for me. Taxiing for sure goes to the Hornet though, but you can whip the Viper around pretty tight turns too as long as you brake with whatever wheel is opposite your turning direction so you don't flip. You complain about the Viper requiring MFD interaction to drop tanks and then somehow miss that the Hornet requires MFD interaction for nearly everything. Also want to take a moment to appreciate that the DL in the Viper gives you contact altitude on all datalinked targets without having to hover over them unlike in the Hornet where you have to look at each individual target (at least AFAIK, could've been updated).
  4. Do we have any info on whether or not the new API will actually be working in tomorrow's update or will it take a little more time to be implemented properly?
  5. The Su-30 is very much a guilty pleasure of mine. I would be absolutely ecstatic to be able to fly one in DCS.
  6. :megalol: I'm blown away. "Feature complete" is not up for interpretation, it's a pretty point blank definition and if they had already been using the word "features" for years and years including their previous work for FSX you can't go and argue semantics. Welcome to the (blank) storm in a glass of water, Elmo. I wish you the best of luck. Please understand none of this backlash is aimed at you. I also would like to add that the patch today was a great step in the right direction however.
  7. I personally won't be using a 4 HARM loadout, but I'm glad the decision was made to add them purely based on technicality.
  8. I have zero intentions of derailing this thread, but how in the world is the Hornet "immeasurably more deadly in BVR"? The Viper dominates the Hornet in BVR and it isn't really close either.
  9. Well then it's a good thing he is talking about the free Marianas map that ED is making and not Syria by Ugra Media... ;)
  10. I currently have the T-50CM2 base with the Warthog grip and I adore it, the Hornet grip should be the same since they use the same connector. If you're a big fan of the Hornet I would absolutely recommend getting the replica stick as there is no better feeling than pressing the actual buttons to do what you need it to do at least in my opinion, because then the HOTAS controls make sense. If you are just going to put it on your desk get the WarBRD base as the T-50CM2 requires a desk mount.
  11. Neither of the Viper's ECM pods have been added yet. Just a byproduct of being EA. If it makes you feel any better the Hornet's jammer still isn't functional after 2 and half years.
  12. I'm not usually one to complain and I understood the circumstances before, but I will actually be pretty flustered if we don't get mavericks this patch. There's no way "feature rich" from July 17th newsletter only includes a vital targeting pod function and A/A mode. I would be far less upset about it if they didn't make us wait the whole 30 days for news only to be shafted for the 4th month in a row, all after hyping us up.
  13. Jmontezuma


    As much as I'd love to see a B+, I'd bet it'll be another 10 years before we got it with all the aircraft on Razbam's plate right now. I'd also bet money that their Sea Harrier project has overtaken the AV-8B+ due to it being very relevant in their Falklands map. :)
  14. Honestly all I really want at the moment is Cursor Zero so the plane can reliably perform well in air to ground. Anything else can wait.
  15. It quite literally takes one button to switch to TWS on both the Hornet and Viper.
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