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  1. This is the perfect solution and should be added for all modules!
  2. Solution and potential bug in DCS After trying all sorts of stuff I finally found a workaround for the huge performance loss I experienced after the 2004 update. Since I'm pretty sure other people will run into the same issue after installing the Windows update I am documenting my findings here. Also I believe my observations are pretty indicative of some pretty deeply hidden bug that could be the cause for all kinds of severe performance problems. That's why I think this should definately be looked at by a developer and be made into a bug report. Consequently I will recap my observations here: I am running DCS with VSYNC enabled, i.e. my options.lua file contains the following setting: ["sync"] = true Additionally I have an autoexec.cfg file inside my DCS Config folder which contains the following single line: options.graphics.maxfps = 60 Limiting the maximum FPS to 60 should not really have any effect since my monitor is running with 60 Hz anyway and as stated above I also have VSYNC enabled, thus the framerate is capped at 60 by VSYNC already. I kept the autoexec.cfg file with the maxfps setting anyway because depending on the inner workings of the engine I expected it might have a positive effect on the frame-time stability. I should also note that I have had my configuration this way for a long time and never experience any issue / negative effect until now. Now - meaning the update of Windows 10 to Release 2004. I am 100% positive that nothing else changed with my system during that time, meaning there was no DCS update, driver update etc. in between. After installing the update my FPS went from a capped 60 FPS (which my system pretty much reaches 99% of the time) down to 30 to 35 FPS. Now I noticed that if I remove my autoexec.cfg file my FPS are at a stable 60 again. This means that the options.graphics.maxfps = 60 option in combination with the 2004 update was what caused the huge decrease in framerate. The behavior is completely reproducable on my system, meaning when putting the autoexec.cfg back into the Config folder FPS are back down again.
  3. Horrible FPS and stuttering after updating to Windows 10 2004 After installing the 2004 feature update FPS in DCS are extremely low and unstable for me. I'm running an Intel i7 8700, 32GB of RAM and an RTX 2080. My system usually easily hits 60 FPS, especially after the latest DCS Open Beta Update performance was pretty good overall. However after installing the 2004 feature update DCS barely hits 35 FPS. I already tried all the usual stuff: reinstalling the NVIDIA driver, different driver versions, deleting shaders, enabling and disabling the new GPU scheduling feature, etc. Nothing seems to have any impact on the bad performance I'm experiencing... I also tried to reapply / reset the NVIDIA driver settings as BigNewy mentioned - to no avail. So far I only noticed this reduced performance in DCS.
  4. +1 :thumbsup: I also would love to see double seater variants of both the Hornet and the Viper in DCS. Even without any additional functionality they would increase overall variety. I would even pay for these double seater models if they came as an expansion for the current modules.
  5. I was unable to find a keyboard binding for the rudder / yaw trim switch, seems like it is missing...
  6. This is just the default viewpoint, you can change it permanently by first adjusting the zoom and / or viewposition as you like it and then press Right Alt + 0 (on the NUM-Pad).
  7. That's exactly what I was thinking when I read about the concerns. :thumbup:
  8. +1 Also I believe everybody woud appreciate it if we could get clickable throttles not only for the Hornet but also for the Viper and generally for all (future) modules for which this applies as well.
  9. I also would love to see the A model for cold war era missions. However as I see it itˋs rather unlikely that ED will invest into an A variant, as it is a vastly different aircraft and would still require a lot of development time, even if the Block 50 is fully implemented. There would probably be some people like us that would happily pay the full price for this, but I guess the majority of the customers out there would rather have an entirely different aircraft to invest their money in after the Block 50.
  10. Would be handy if we could also get a click-spot to hide it like in the Hornet.
  11. An Extra 300 with a well made PFM in DCS would be awesome!
  12. Yes I am heaving the same issues. 1. Sensor Select Right does not exit ACM mode 2. When in AACQ mode and hitting Sensor Select Down, then Undesignate, the radar stays in an 8 degree scan mode. Now if you increase the scan zone by clicking the corresponding button on the MFCD, you can choose invalid scan zones, such as 252° (screenshot). After switching through the scan zone sizes multiple times by clicking the MFCD button it will return to the allowed values eventually and remain within the allowed set, unless you provoke it again.
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