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  1. Simple question: What means the red arrow just under the 300l mark? I could not find the answer in the manual. Thanks in advance!
  2. Give us the old forum back :(:helpsmilie:
  3. Really great mod! It's a blast to fly.
  4. Should be added to the core game!
  5. Winterz

    Mirage F1

    This, I prefer them to focus on one aircraft at a time than multiple aircrafts with no progress and tons of bugs/missed features for years. :music_whistling::thumbup:
  6. Hey guys, I couldn't find any UAE liveries for our new F-16, those skins would be pretty appreciated on the Persian Gulf map! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  7. A large/only water map would actually be good for fleet vs fleet scenarios. I wonder why ED never did it.
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