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  1. Hi all, please forgive me if this is working as intended, however I have noticed when trying to taxi and use the rudder on the Mirage using the Z and X keys, that after releasing the key, the rudder and nosewheel don't revert back to the centre. This makes it incredibly hard to taxi on the ground and even harder to take off, and could be an issue during a BFM fight too. Again, I'm not sure if this is working as intended or not so please forgive me if I'm making a huge mistake!
  2. Update: Did some tweaking in the registry and removed the licences from my old hardware. Problem solved, at the cost of a few activations :)
  3. Hi all! (Firstly if I have posted this in the wrong area please do move it and sorry in advance) I recently upgraded my CPU and as such, DCS asked me to reactivate my modules, however when I do so, it says the activation was successful but the original "Error" box pops up again and continually asks me to enter the keys again and again. Furthermore, when I check for serial numbers in the in-game 1.5 module manager, it simply says "no key". I know I should have de-activated before upgrading, but in my excitement I forgot. I have tried a clean installation of DCS 1.5 release but to no avail. Is there any way I can solve this?
  4. Thanks for the info, take all the time you need, quality takes time after all ;)
  5. Still dont even have a whisper on Steam :(
  6. Nothing on Steam at all. No worries, I have the patience :D
  7. Listed as only 1GB on steam - DL speeds are very slow however
  8. Not even lying when I say I squealed with glee when I saw a hotfix was released. Thankyou so very much ED for your hard work! :)
  9. Worked for me :D My F15 is gorgeous, though the game is unstable, it is understandable as this is a beta :D
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