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  1. I`d buy it immediately! Blue team need it as an actually helicopter for troop transport. Thirty-three troops could be transport by each ch47. It has inflight refueling capability (Not all variants). Could carry vehicles from/to the enemie lines. Also other things as ammunition, planes, helicopters, fuel, heavy logistic, HAWK AA system from the base to the middle of the battlefield with the sling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSfbwFZXwFw&t=
  2. Hi all I made a mission with the SA-342 L. Available in english and spanish. I hope you have fun with it! It´s made to fly it in single player and also in multiplayer. Spanish:https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3070253/ English: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3070248/ And here is a mini trailer about the mission:
  3. Hi all, I´ve just made a mini film about a mission created by me. Have fun!
  4. Primer trailer de una misión mía para SA342L con posibilidad de acceso complementario a la misión con UH-1H.
  5. Leo1606688537


    Sí que existe, pero no se si es de uso privado... Te dejo el vídeo
  6. Os dejo un tutorial que he hecho sobre el funcionamiento del NADIR en la Gacela pues fueron varias las personas que me lo pidieron. Espero que os sirva :smartass: y no os volvais locos con el NADIR :joystick:
  7. Actualizado, gracias por el aporte. Espero que sean de utilidad.
  8. Actualizado con una segunda parte de autorrotación a baja cota y autorrotación en estacionario. ¿Alguien sabe por qué no sale la ventana para ver el vídeo directamente? He intentado varias opciones pero me sale la pantalla oscura del vídeo y al pinchar para verlo me dice que ha ocurrido un error. :huh:
  9. Hi, I´ve a question about troops movement in Mission Editor . When troops stablish contact with the enemy, all get the face down. Then both sides start to fire. But after the enemy has died, my team troops do not move!:doh: What should I do to let them continue to their next waypoint? :huh:
  10. Cool!! I'd like to know your pc components and which configuration do you have into DCS. How many fps do you have?
  11. Thanks for the info but I think I should change anything. If I fly with more people or in a mission, FPS are lower. I put my FPS according the 3 config availables with the objective to help developers to improve the module. Module SA342M have to improve because the number of FPS are very low (according to the recommended requierements). If I have almost the Recommended system requirements (Only the video card is under the recommended: 760 vs 780) and with low graphs I ´ve those FPS...How many FPS have a person who have the minimun requierements ? I hope they fix this problem, but people with FPS problems should say their configs to help the delevelopers.
  12. This are my FPS with the options Low, Med and High config graphics flying out of combat, offline. Only in a navigation flight. IMPORTANT: NO BOKEH, NO SIMPLE activated. NO HDR activated. Until I bought the SA342 I had 1024 each fotogram but I´ve changed it because of the SA342 to 512 each fotogram trying to have more FPS. No mods activated. No more programs running, only DCS with TIR 5 I´ve noticed that TV on/off affect the fps like mirrors... Low :huh: Pilot Position and TV OFF: 35 FPS Gunner Position and TV OFF: 33 FPS Gunner Position and TV ON: 27 FPS Med Pilot Position and TV OFF: 30 FPS Gunner Position and TV OFF: 23 FPS Gunner Position and TV ON: 17 FPS High:huh: Pilot Position and TV OFF: 16 FPS Gunner Position and TV OFF: 15 FPS Gunner Position and TV ON: 11 FPS :doh:
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