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  1. Long story short doing what I did last week now renders the pipper unusable jumps all over the place. Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction with this gun sight problem I've been having. Long version. I updated the game this last update but hadn't gotten around to playing it until today. When I hopped into the Mig 21, loaded up the weapons (UPK, and rockets) did everything like I had previously, now when switching to the guns mode and the sight set to gyro, the pipper starts to dance around the sight completely becoming unusable. Can someone help me ID the problem is the Mig 21 sight broken after that new update, or did they update it and I'm not doing something that is new? Any help would be very appreciated.
  2. SU 25 crash in Coldwar Warrior Campaign I'm having the same problem with random crashes. Here is the log. This was during the first mission as I was getting ready to make another pass at the target I checked the map and went back to cockpit and game crashed. DCS.openbeta-20151108-185344.txt
  3. Same thing except in A10C. Occurs a bit after I start taking out targets, has also occurred just sitting on the ramp starting up the A10C. Crash15.txt DCS.txt
  4. Sounds like what happened to me,which is confusing me because in my case the crash log mentions Direct X 11 I don't know what the connection would be between the two, but then again I'm not a programmer. Hopefully they take a look into it.
  5. Does it happen immediately as you use the command or does it happen a few minutes after?
  6. My only crash seems to be when I'm searching for targets on the MFCD, there is mention of DirectX 11 in the crash log, my drivers are up to date and this doesn't happen with the 1.2.16 version, or any other game for that matter so it must be the beta.
  7. At a certain zoom level the mi-8 is missing a texture on top, same issue in external view, refer to picture.
  8. Flying the first mission in the A10C campaign without CA. About 15 minutes in, look towards the right MFCD to hunt for next target slew the TGP to the right and crash to desktop. Thanks for taking a look. New Text Document.txt
  9. Mig-21 Crash to Desktop Hello all! New to the forums not to DCS. I was hoping someone could take a look at this problem. I get a crash to desktop when loading anything Mig-21 related. Instant action, mission editor, missions. Su25t works just fine no problem so its something going on with just the Mig-21 I'm pretty sure. If anyone could share their input that would be much appreciated. CRASH.txt
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