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  1. Looks like CEO of derailing topics are here already, :lol: Nevermind, I agree to OP there were questions about this two years ago with pictures in the link below. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=202523
  2. Usual cycle, when was the last time we got an actual new feature? Surely they put Harrier on back burner again.
  3. F-16 is known for its immense amounts of variants and modifications is there ever going to be DLC's for F-16 that simulate different F-16's? ( i.e Block 40 Night Falcon, Block 30 )
  4. Definitely not this week and not next week we haven't even seen a picture of it working yet...
  5. Works for you? Good I'm happy for you but I don't get happy when I sit in this, I'm not happy when bug I reported one and half years ago that didn't got fixed yet and it was pushed to resolved bugs section even though its not fixed yet. I'm not happy when I PM RAZ's community manager about this bug and he doesn't respond. There are other fellow AV-8B owners here done 100x of bug reporting I did and guess what %90 of them didn't get adressed or acknowledged.
  6. Wasn't its enclosure stealthier? I remember reading something like that in internet when it was getting used in Iraq.
  7. 24° 45' 01.43" N 55° 12' 33.18" E Its like this, last row of numbers adds more accuracy to JDAM.
  8. Would it be possible to modify this mod to get new coordinate format that came with JDAM's in latest update?
  9. You can enter quite accurate coordinates actually, when you enter your coordinates according to Wags video end row is 00". You can enter numbers to there aswell and that makes attack more accurate. Just don't double click, after you click once enter 2 more numbers. Problem is F10 map or JTAC-Scripts won't give you this type of new coordinates in this format. Move around your TDC in TOO mode you will understand what I'm trying to explain.
  10. Nope this is not fixed why did this topic get moved to here?
  11. Yeah mini-updates have been lackluster for a month. I'm guessing devs have been doing some other stuff on DCS.
  12. Its only for dedicated servers, you still need to own the map to be able to connect to server.
  13. Is this bug fixed? Just saw it got listed as fixed in Razbam website.
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