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  1. No, the book is most definitely about Wild Weasels given Dan was in Wild Weasel squadrons in both ODS and OIF; of course, the book is more about his overall career, but the point stands.
  2. I looked at the .miz and I actually think there's a whole triggered action missing, rather than it being the bunker .ogg failing to fire. Your first task in the mission is to knock out the SA-11 TELAR/CC and then "assess the damage" but the latter part has no script nor trigger associated to it; Flag 11 is supposed to do something, but there's no trigger with Flag 11 in it. You'll also notice that the "MiG21 Go 1" trigger doesn't have a proper MESSAGE TO ALL (it just says "Debug - 1 START"), so I think this mission is still a bit of a WIP.
  3. SD-10 got +40seconds on it's battery life, to a total of 120 seconds. I don't know if your second sentence was implying this, but no, there will be no changes just to fit "the meta". If it's true to life it's true to life, no changes needed.
  4. I love the little sneak peak of the Intruder, I still pray every day that we'll see it as your next module! I hope your vacations all went well and I really look forward to what you give us in the future.
  5. Trigger zones which can have shape modified Trigger zone altitudes; i.e. being able to set a 'floor' and/or 'ceiling' to a zone AAA Barrage fire/flak burst zones Ability to place IR lights/Chem lights for helo landing zones for night ops Paradrop capability Unit erasing - you can spawn in units via script, but you can't delete them from the map, can be problematic at higher unit counts Place-able TACAN, ILS and Runway arresting gear (such as the US Marines use)
  6. Here's my issue with putting the ATC and other stuff behind a paywall that you can't take into Multiplayer: ED constantly says that "the majority of the playerbase is in Single Player." So if they are, why not allow these modules and maps to be bought by the server owner and then everyone on the server gets to use them? It's not like ED will lose much business, and on the contrary, it'll act like an advertisement. You get on a server with it, you see how cool it is, and then you want it and go buy it later. Also, I find it rather ironic that ED locks all these features behind the "everybody or nobody" mentality in Multiplayer. The Multiplayer scene is really all that's kept DCS alive over the years, because it's those server owners who put hundreds of hours into coding great scenarios and new scripts for the game that then make their way over to Single Player and enhance the game. Not to mention the regular stuff in Single Player is so god-awful that mission designers have to practically re-code everything to make it work as intended. AI with UFO flight models; Combined Arms that work sometimes, other times not; ATC that's three decades old and completely useless; the list goes on. Multiplayer is honestly the only worthwhile experience anymore, so why continue to harm/fragment the community for the thought of a few extra rubles? Not to mention, Multiplayer isn't just getting on DDCS or Blue Flag, it's also those small personal servers that friends use to fly together. If my friend who only flies the A-10 wants to join my mission that I've set up where I'm flying the Hornet, why should he be forced to buy this DLC just so we can play together? It's just a really scummy business decision, and it screams disdain from the devs towards the community.
  7. I personally think that this should be available for Warthog bases as well. There are a lot of people out there who own Warthog HOTAS's and leaving that segment out of the option to get this would be unfortunate.
  8. The M270? Yes, it works. I'm using it on the GAW server right now
  9. While I personally don't mind playing something that has some bugs and features missing or isn't as pretty (I've been playing Star Citizen for ages now) I can fully understand your desire to release a product that's as complete and excellent an experience as any full-release module (see also: players hating on Star Citizen because of how buggy/empty the game is). Also I would rather ya'll have a stress-free holiday break without having to see the inevitable whining and complaining and all that other garbage that comes with a freshly released module.
  10. I'm totally looking forward to crushing some more Reds! Registering as a Lonewolf for Operation Blue Flag Callsign: SkillyJ Prefered Aircraft: F-15C, A-10C, UH-1H
  11. I get multiple errors when attempting to launch the game, depending on which .exe I'm trying. For Run.exe and Launcher.exe I get the following error: "Launcher.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point ?getRemainingData@ByteReader@Mail@@QEAA?AV?$Ptr@VChunk@Mail@@@Mem@@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library edCore.dll" After I get that error, I first attempted to run the Repairer, but when I launch "Repair DCS World OpenBeta" I get the following error: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32bit) or x64 (64bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher." I have already verified that I run a 64bit version of Windows 7, and I have gone to updates.digitalcombatsimulator.com and copied over the 64bit updater with no success. I have attempted this process with the program both whitelisted on my antivirus and firewall, as well as with my antivirus and firewall fully disabled. I am running the latest Nvidia drivers and have Windows 7 up to date with all current updates. logs.zip
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