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  1. I can report the same problem. Most of the time they all drops. Seem's randon, as last night i was able to drop only the good quantity.
  2. alaryk


    thanks for the information !
  3. alaryk


    hi there, I can't find a way to use the TGM-65G. :helpsmilie: No pb at all with all the other varient AGM65 G or AGM 65 E The pocket guide explain the procedure, but no success here. Any clue on this ? Thx ! Alaryk
  4. And don't forget the CCRP clue line that is somewhat messy… AV8-na remains my favourite module ;)
  5. Thx a lot Imacken ! Pb solved. I had an old custom labels.lua!
  6. Hello all, I have check in the menu the labels with dot only , but they always show the full labels. No way to have the dot or the short one. Any ideas ? Regards Alaryk
  7. i have done a repair and cleanup. It seems that Trend antivirus is messing with the autorisation. I can now use my F18-c if i totaly disable it. Weird ;) Thx to all for your welcomed help !
  8. Everything was working nicely since i tried to use Target. i'm using beta branch Using trend micro, but disabeling it does nothing. Here are the logs Thx for your help :) Logs.zip
  9. Same problem. I'm also spectator if i try the training mission ;)
  10. Hi folks, Each time i try to make a target profil and launch it, i can't select the 18-c as player… The module is installed, i can assign control and so one, but each time i launch a mission i can't go in the plane…only spectator Same in mission editor, i can only select client but not player… Quite frustating I have done a repair but nothing still Regards Alaryk
  11. MFD hi there, it is a really nice solution for All the switches ! thx a lot ! However, when using your script i lose my 2 MFD/ they doesn't show anymore. and when i try tto assign each button the 2 mfd share the same number: Bouton 1 on right mfd and button 1 on the left mfd are the same. so i can only configure one Any idea ? regards alaryk ps:sorry for my english
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