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    DCS 1.5 & 2.0 alfa. BMS 4.33U3.
    Flightsimming since the early Microprose games, Falcon 3 and SU-27 Flanker. Away from it some years but took it up again. Only SP at the moment. My rig: MSIboard,AMD FX-8350 8core, 4,5 GHz. 16 Gbit RAM, Zotac NVIDIA GF GTX 1080, Dell 27" 52716DG Gsync, Samsung 24"
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    Sweden, 20 klicks East of Stockholm
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    BMS and DCS, my three cats, younger (than I) women, diving,sailing.Meat, bear and wine. Music/Spotif
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    Doctor, but since 2010 on a disability pension. Was in the military too.
  1. I really hope Heatblurs manual will include a lot of didactic pictures alongside the text (personal wish as info at this forum have told us that Chuck will not :( do a Tomcat-guide..). I am really longing to get my hands and eayes on Heatblurs manual and hope that they release it for download on this forum pre early access release of the Tomcat (as they dis with the Viggen manual). This is my dream aircraft sim comming through. Many thanks to the developers :)
  2. Wonderful, thank you so very much Chuck!!!
  3. @ michelip I agree with You totally, I should have been morse optimistic and of course We should make no apologies for stating out wishes, Best Regards Micke
  4. Hello :) There have been several threads in the wishlist uring the Years for planes like Hercules and Dakota among orthers. We are not alone in enjoying succ aircrafts and wanting them too as modulens in DCS. But We are sadly not in majority, so it will not happen in the forseeable future I presume. Cheers
  5. I just want this thread to BUMP ;) It is my highest dream in DCS to someday see a full Vietanam War era map including Yankee and Dixie stations for carrier operations. i hope some party will do à map after the merge sometime. We have the UH-1, MiG-21, F-5E, Mi-8 (, MiG-15?) and we will get the F-4E in the future. And a A-4 Skyhawk mod. And maybe MiG-19 and Corsair II in the future too. They maybe not Will be the exact pure accurate model For the the era But will IMHO do For the fun of creating/recreating missions from the past. Please ED do not forget that so many of us want to experience this airwar.
  6. Thanks for V2, improved and thanks for link to pdf-version also. Cheers :)
  7. Good luck Nicholas/Heatblur team, locking forward to many years of interesting products and I will by them. Cannot wait for the F-14 and love Viggen. Good luck also to the other team which I also will continue to support as a customer. Cannot wait for the Corsair. Cheers :)
  8. Best wishes and good luck to both teams. Will continue to buy your products.
  9. So cool and beautiful, thanks for the update :)
  10. PBY Catalina (Tp 47 in Sweden) would be fun I think. Only a dream..
  11. So You can atm only choose a pop-up distance 10 km?? I am sorry I am slow, do not fully understand?
  12. C-130 and DC3 and from Air America the Provider. Yes please!
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