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  1. Do you experience the imbalance always to the same side?
  2. Thanks for fixing the jumping clouds. Now the clouds are very enjoyable in VR.
  3. Why does wearing your headset over the reverb not work for you? I removed the Reverb G1 ear speakers and use most of the time my JBL control 1 pro stereo speakers. (Sometimes I put on my regular headphones.)
  4. For 90 FPS (3600X & 3080) 2212x2160 SteamVR (about 100% G1 or 50% G2 Reverb) ["graphics"] = { ["DOF"] = 0, ["LensEffects"] = 0, ["MSAA"] = 0, ["SSAA"] = 0, ["SSAO"] = 0, ["SSLR"] = 0, ["anisotropy"] = 3, ["aspect"] = 1.7777777777778, ["box_mouse_cursor"] = false, ["chimneySmokeDensity"] = 0, ["civTraffic"] = "", ["clouds"] = 0, ["clutterMaxDistance"] = 0, ["cockpitGI"] = 0, ["effects"] = 3, ["flatTerrainShadows"] = 2, ["forestDetailsFactor"] = 0.5, ["forestDistanceFactor"] = 0.71, ["fullScreen"] = false, ["heatBlr"] = 0, ["height"] = 1440, ["lights"] = 2, ["messagesFontScale"] = 1, ["motionBlur"] = 0, ["multiMonitorSetup"] = "1camera", ["outputGamma"] = 1.4, ["preloadRadius"] = 19500, ["rainDroplets"] = false, ["scaleGui"] = 1, ["sceneryDetailsFactor"] = 0.5, ["shadowTree"] = false, ["shadows"] = 0, ["sync"] = false, ["terrainTextures"] = "max", ["textures"] = 2, ["useDeferredShading"] = 1, ["visibRange"] = "Low", ["water"] = 0, ["width"] = 2560, }, The above is my current aerobatics 90 FPS low fidelity setting for pure flying fun. I use 3128x3056 SteamVR, MSAA 2x and higher settings when I am contend with 45 FPS+ for flights focusing on systems simulation and image fidelity. To balance GPU and CPU frametimes I use fpsVR. The settings are a moving target with patches and hardware upgrades.
  5. The Mi-8 felt lonely :-)
  6. Thanks for the nice I-16. I even survived my first flight and landing. :-) I enjoy this plane. Very immersive experience.
  7. I did not know no usb is needed. That is much better than the rift tracking via usb camera sensors indeed. (The 300 bucks for two lighthouses I still don't like.)
  8. I prefer the hmd only reverb tracking over the rift tracking just because it is much more convenient to setup. It works trouble free for my flight sim needs. Lighthouse tracking should be an additional option only in my opinion.
  9. I went with the Hip and I like it :-) (Did I mention I had the shark already in the garage)
  10. Lets wait for the measurements to settle this ;-)
  11. Looking forward to the reviews and dburnes impressions :-) 20% additional FOV would be really great. (BUT: HTC Vive Pro 2 FOV 120 is diagonal FOV not horizontal, more like 110 horizontal probably) There is no complete set available for preorder only the HMD.
  12. I would like more FOV without a second lcd in my next HMD. I could live with marginally less resolution then the HP Reverb. The Vive Pro 2 is lacking in regard to my FOV requests for the next generation.
  13. I enjoy flying there in VR right now
  14. I am enjoying solo flights on the channel map at 3128 x 3056 and 2x AA at the channel map a lot in 2.7 right now (3600X & 3080 & Reverb) I do not look at the FPS, I just enjoy.
  15. If you like to fly warbirds you will enjoy the map. If you like to fly with others, I recommend joining a group or starting a new group. Than you can fly multiplayer missions with the settings and maps you most enjoy. I personally flew in a group in the past, but stopped because of my current time constraints. I enjoy solo flying at the channel airfields in the spitfire. But I do not want to miss my past group experiences up in the skys over the channel
  16. No, just up your G1 scaling resolution. Probably you like to stay on the lower scaling for performance reasons anyway.
  17. On a Reverb G1 the WMR Best Visual Quality setting does not cure the problem. (Test: Start F16 Free Flight and have a look at distant clouds and check for clipping errors.)
  18. Today our group tried the DCS Voice Chat for the first time and we liked it. We experienced a much better sound quality than our usual third party solution and flawless operation with no impact on performance. Thank you!
  19. First check your Pixel Density in game, your SteamVR settings and if you like you can post a picture of your DCS settings for feedback.
  20. userbenchmark is not an adequate information source anymore (dont ask, google if you doubt it) I recommend to use other sites & sources to compare contemporary hardware until they fix their shop
  21. The performance of DCS and the HP Reverb G1 improved over the last few weeks: I am flying right now with my friends on the channel map in multiplayer at 100% rendering, 4x AA, high shadows, medium distance with > 45 FPS at all situations (very enjoyable with the good steamvr motion smoothing enabled)
  22. Your 1080 (non ti) will be fine for your first flights. A faster GPU later will always be nice but not needed right of the bat. I would not go for the 3080 (at least as long as the price is not dropped back to mrsp, which will be soon with the newer and faster cards available. A 6800XT, 6900XT or 3080Ti will provide much better performance per buck.
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