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  1. Without VR I get 120 FPS over Nevada and 60-75 FPS over Vegas running at 1440p. With VR (1080p) I get 38 FPS no matter what settings I use or where I fly. And just like LuSi, I get less than 50% GPU load in VR, which explains the crappy FPS.
  2. DK2 uses one 1080p display (960x1080 per eye), and the whole world is always static when there's no AI involved and traffic is turned off. Plus, I wasn't moving, so there was no need for loading new textures or structures.
  3. It's not a still picture since you're able to move and look around the cockpit, thus still being rendered in realtime. And doesn't EDGE utilize more cores than just one? I will check CPU load when I have the time, but it's just so annoying when I only get crappy FPS in VR but can run it pretty much maxed out in 1440p without any problems. I hope it gets better as they move away from alpha.
  4. I noticed something. When I paus the game, my GPU power increases and I get more FPS. Does 2.0 make any use of Oculus VR Audio, or what ever it's called, and that's what causing all this performance loss? Because the only difference between pausing and running is the audio. You can still look around when the game is paused, so there's definitely some rendering still going on.
  5. Okay so I picked up my GTX 970, and I get the same lousy performance with it as I did with my 680. There's definitely something wrong with the way they have integrated VR.
  6. Time Warp makes VR much better than without. I can play FSX/P3D at ~30FPS without noticing any annoying stutter. Obviously it's still better to get as close to 75 FPS as possible, but Time Warp definitely helps.
  7. Oculus in VERY badly integrated into EDGE. Here are some comparison shots I've taken. VR - HMD turned on VR - HMD turned off and then on (tracking works but no picture) No VR - Running at 1400p over Vegas As you may have noticed, 2.0 doesn't use all the GPU power in VR mode. It only uses 72% for some reason. I'm using a GTX 680 at the moment, but will pick up a 970 later today and see if it makes any difference. Maybe Gameworks VR will make it run better? ED have got to fix this issue as soon as possible. I don't know if the SDK for Oculus is to blame, but I don't have this issue elsewhere.
  8. I know that VR has an impact on performance to some extent, but it's ridiculous in 1.5. The performance overall is a huge improvement in 1.5, but when it comes to VR, there are obviously some major flaws. Here I am, flying in an area that should have a huge impact on performance, but in VR it's severe. And here are my flying in a populated area without VR. I even zoomed out to increase FOV without it having an impact on performance. ED really needs to take a closer look at this. I've no problems running other sims in VR. FSX, Prepar3d, Arma 3, they all work much better than this. Even if I run 1.5 with all settings set to low, I get some performance loss. Until you've figured out what's causing this problem, you should add timewarp to help ease the judder.
  9. DK2 uses one screen but renders two pictures. These pictures however are 640x1080 each, with ~30% of it being just dead space. There is a slightly higher FOV in VR, but since only 68% of the screen is being rendered and the rest is just black, this doesn't really matter that much. If done properly, VR shouldn't have such a huge impact on performance compared to an ordinary monitor with the same resolution. There's obviously going to be some impact on performance due to the fact that VR requires a small amount of CPU usage, but not in an extent where it goes from 120 FPS to 40 FPS.
  10. Seems to launch more often for me if I set all settings to low. High+VR is a big no no for now. And the frame rate in VR mode seems to be far worse. I get higher FPS in normal mode with all settings set to high than I do in VR on low settings.
  11. If i recall correctly, 3d Vision and DX11 don't work that great together.
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