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  1. Is anyone else flying this bird with a MS FFB2 stick? Non of the autopilot modes seem to work at all with it for me.
  2. I won't, don't worry, based on mirage being incomplete still after nearly 3 years. BST release all their products pretty much feature complete and i am very happy with all Belsimtek modules. As to finish this year, i am prepared to be astonished :megalol:
  3. The problem is the uncertainty. There are reports of high end hardware running badly and low end hardware running fine AND vice verse. There is no guarantee that dropping a couple of thousand on hardware upgrades will fix things, so why would you until ED fix the engine?
  4. Damn, this is my favorite aircraft and i hoped BST would do it what with Razbam not being able to actually finish a module thus far
  5. This is just how it is in 2.5 , it seems the devs have chosen to have a battlefield heroes esque color palette.
  6. Congrats guys, a very well done aircraft.
  7. Flight models do have a degree of subjectivity, however It doesn't matter if maverick if misguided or not, simply there are items that are quantifiably incorrect thanks to available technical documentation and knowledge from the russian side of the forum that have not been corrected in FOUR YEARS. To wit the ASP, the SAU, NAV systems. These are demonstrably wrong, but are not and will not be fixed. It took nearly 3 years for the weapon selector to be corrected. FOUR YEARS!
  8. What does it matter? It's not like M3 are either; A) reading it B) Doing anything about it Maverick could publish a 300 page thesis on the FM and still wouldn't make a difference!
  9. It's still possible to enable the HUD laser temperature display. Open HUD_SHKVAL_page.lua with notepad++ starting on line 126 to line 134 there is a bunch of code dashed out. Remove the dashes and you'll get the hud display. Makes it easier to work out what's going on and why your laser is overheating.
  10. Agreed, i'm not buying 2 to 3 modules just in the vague hope that the 1st one i paid for will get finished. The whole experience has left a very sour taste that means i won't be buying any LN/M3/HB products. ED have effectively given tacit approval that 3rd party devs can split up the company and walk away from their obligations scot free.
  11. Ditto, it really is becoming beyond the pale. The disturbing thing is there doesn't appear to be any inducement from ED, kicking the 3rd parties up the behind to finish these things. ED are the guardians at the gate and are ultimately responsible for the quality of DCS as a whole. The MIg-21 at four years old and not even remotely complete, accurate or substantially bug free smacks of a product that will NEVER be finished.
  12. From what i remember the ECM is manifested as a simple range modifier for the sams where; No ECM = Launch range x 1 Ecm On = Launch range x0.85 Multiplier varies with ecm type, i think.
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