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  1. Comfirmed +1 I have been waiting for this repair for a long time. what`s wrong with developer???
  2. it makes no sense of returning to old value, because of complaints from some players. ED gave us new value, and now returning to old one. OH~~~come on, this game is not "warthunder" OK!
  3. I notice a change in this new update: "AIM-120 missile. The probability of countermeasure spoofing returned to the old value." Why??? any reason?? the previous patch of AIM120 is very good, why it need to be returned to old one??
  4. thanks mate, but I can`t not provide any useful track. as you know, the replay issue.
  5. as title. I always play DCS in multiple sever, like GS or else.But after last patch I found that RADAR scan sometimes freezes while i am scanning the target. , It is not good for BVR fighting. I think it is not normal operation of RADAR. This maybe a bug, It never happens before last patch. Hope Dev can take a time and check it.
  6. thank you mate, But i really don`t know how to post this bug on bug section:(
  7. Last night I flew with my friend in a SA342M. When he played as co-pilot and sit my side, I can not do auto-hover. I can see the hover signal but rudder and collective did not hold the position. Why???? Bug????
  8. me too in Senaki, FPS drops awfully.
  9. confirm+1 F5E>>instant mission>>intercept you will see that FPS drop when trying to attack bomber.
  10. No any hotfix today..........frustranting again.
  11. +1 valve index even i update DCS to newest one.
  12. I just spent time testing this mod and found that this mod is great, can give us better performance than original one, but there are still some shutter. The performance in SP is OK, but not in MP. Too many shutter in MP, especially when many planes are crowded in the same place. I think ED must take responsibility to fix these issue for VR, not us. We have done our duty to tell them where the problem is.
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