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  1. Well on the way with this follow up campaign. Need some voice overs, playing the part of an American F18 pilot. If interested, please PM me. Thanks Badger633
  2. Absolutely! Was waiting for the boat specific codes but will include in the next update anyway. Unfortunately too late for the imminent one. Cheers Badger633
  3. Hi No problems always welcome a heads up, if possible I can then get them fixed. Cheers Badger633
  4. Hi No, if you are having problems with gun accuracy it's certainly not intentional. In fact we cannot control this basic function under mission scripting. if you are having problems best report it to ED. Hope this helps. Badger633
  5. Just checked it out and it started in the night as normal. It is set at 0300 hours with a full moon. what is different ?
  6. Hi Strange, because wingman gets no new script instructions throughout most of the mission certainly in the dam area. Only thing that comes to mind is if he has run out of fuel. How is the wingman flying at the dam exactly? level, up and down ? (If you are not mindful of your wing and have been pulling away and flying really fast the wing can use an extraordinary amount of fuel trying to format with you.) Has this happened more than once? Do you have Tacview? A Tacview file of the issue would be really helpful. Could also be a DCS AI bug issue. There appears to be a lot lately affecting a lot of campaigns. I will check it out. Look forward to your reply. Badger633
  7. Excellent! hope you enjoy the rest of the campaign Badger633
  8. Hi You are flying too close to the target. If you get too close the SAM site will go into red alert and shoot your JSOWs down. The mission challenge is about getting and controlling your aircraft high enough to release your weapons without getting to close. It’s all set out in the in game brief. Tips: Make sure you set all three JSOWs to TOO before your approach will make release quicker. Also if getting too close release the JSOWs in more than one run. Hope this helps Badger633
  9. Hi Yes, as far as I am aware DCS does not have the Stennis in the Super Carrier module. This Campaign was originally released before the Super Carrier module was a thing and so was based on the original Stennis as was all the voice overs. Later as requested by fellow pilots I released the SC version of the campaign but had to use the Truman SC in its place. ( I explain this in the in game brief). I am aware there are mods that will, maybe, allow a SC version of the Stennis. However mods should not be used in released campaigns as they can become unstable with DCS updates. Glad your enjoying the campaign Badger633
  10. Thanks. Yes hope it gets fixed soon. It’s one of those difficult ones which doesn’t seem to be consistent.
  11. Hi Yes it seems to be a recent DCS bug. I need to look into it. In the meantime if you go to the starboard side to refuel, as you are instructed, and you cannot connect then move directly to the port side as the AI wingman seems to now to be deciding to head starboard side sometimes but not always. This never happened before but updates seems to changed things. Could you let me know if it’s only happened on this or other missions. Hope this helps and will confirm when resolved. Badger633
  12. Hi When that happens it normally means the wingman has run out of fuel. Is the air fight going on for a long time? Also try not speed unless you have to and give him time to join you. If he is having to use a lot of burner to keep up he could be using a lot of fuel. Hope this helps Badger633
  13. Hi Just checked it out using the live campaign mission. Had no problems in both removing the chocks and rearming. To confirm, the only matter that is locked in the missions is turbulence. So not sure what the issue is as cannot create this end. I assume easy comms and radio assist is off in your settings. Also what procedure are you using. Canopy up or down, power to the radio on and which radio switches are you using to call up the menu. Badger633
  14. Hi Have you still got this problem? Not sure what you mean by ground crew locked out? Badger633
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