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  1. hmmmm, Eagle? F-15 first flight 1972 HAHAHA
  2. Hmmm, On the youtube video of Hint no. 6: Unfortunately, we could not load it properly. All we can say for sure is that text on the tape reads "1977". 1977 hmmmm....... Well, with all the hype, the Foxbat has a special place in my heart and it finally being flyable in DCS would be the greatest event for me haha. On another note, if you look at the video just when it "stops loading", to the left you can see what appears to be a vertical tail slanted to the side (possible 1 out of 2 tails). So I would say it is a mig. Mig-29 perhaps? haha
  3. I think that is a clue right there haha!
  4. I have installed the drivers for the monitor using the INF file. Another thing I noticed is, the Burn in Pattern (Red Blue and Green flashes while monitor is ON and Computer OFF) always stays on. I save it turning off but after more than 10 seconds if I leave the monitor off, when i turn on, the Burn in is checked to on. It's like it's not saving the settings at all....
  5. Hi Hadwell! I actually tried that approach but no joy. It was actually working fine until a week ago or so, I can't remember if it was after I installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA... Maybe it's that issue with the driver or something?
  6. Hi All, I have updated my Nvidia Drivers to the latest (using GeForce Experience). Though I still haven't brought this up to ASUS ROG Support Forums... When I click overclock to 160-170-180 and click to reboot the screen, it reboots but the overclock "on" check box is unchecked and it's like nothing happens...
  7. Hi All, I have a PG248Q monitor which should be able to overclock to 180Hz. I am using a displayport and even if i go to the monitor menu and select overclock "ON" and push it all the way up and press "OK". The monitor reboots and I check NVIDIA Control Panel to bump up the refresh rate but it's only displaying up to 144Hz. Anybody having this issue? I was able to overclock it a few months ago (when i bought it) but recently it just doesn't display anything above 144Hz. Anybody encounter this? Fig
  8. Hello everyone! Just starting to paint some Fw-190's and BF-109's and was wondering, what font is used for numbers on the ww2 luftwaffe aircraft (ex: "White 5" or "Red 7"). Any help would be much appreciated :) Thank you! Fig
  9. Fig

    Latest P-51 Template

    Hey Guys! Sorry noob here, anybody know where to get the latest p-51 template incorporating the 2.1 graphics? I tried downloading from the DCS website but it seems that the layers/markings are a little off from the spec layering. Also, i can't seem to find templates that include the "Roughmet" textures which seem needed now for reflective/aluminum skins. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again! :)
  10. Hey Guys! So I'm just getting into skinning, starting with the p-51, I'm starting of looking at the bare metal livery (default) and was wondering, how do you go about coming up with the "Roughmet" texture. I've read some tutorials on the SPEC layer but I can't seem to find anything on Roughmet. Any links or suggestions? Thanks guys!
  11. Did the tracert, attached are the results
  12. Actually, I've uninstalled open beta and re-installed. However, as i tried running DCS for the first time (since re-install) when the download proper begins (thru DCS Updater) it still won't download... This is after i've disabled my Mcaffee AV and Firewall...:(
  13. Ok, an update on this, went thru the FAQ on the main website and tried the ff: try to Completely disable AV and Firewall and try again try to manually change DNS server for IPv4 to free DNS from Google try to flush DNS via the command prompt - ipconfig /flushdns (http://www.tech-faq.com/how-to-flush-dns.html) try to do a WINSOCK reset via the command prompt - netsh winsock reset Did each and every one here still no luck :(
  14. Hey thanks for the reply :) Yeah I can reach the DCS website thru browser... Would you know how to adjust firewall settings for DCS Updater.exe? I have mcaffee and I disabled both firewall and real-time scanning while trying to update but still the same problem... unless there are other firewall settings in windows or something i don't know about.. Thanks for the help guys:) Hope I get this sorted out soon
  15. Ok quick update on this, i've uninstalled open beta and deleted everything in the open beta folder. Tried installing but when DCS updater runs, it still doesn't download the game:(
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