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  1. SLI still works like a charm. I am using the Dirt Rally 3 profile for my Titan XP sli set-up.
  2. Two Titan XP's in SLI are still working great on my rig as well (40% increase in fps in 4k resolution). I used to get flickering of clouds before but not any more. In 4k, single titan XP is definitely not enough to pull 60 fps during low altitude flight over Vegas with TGP and mirrors on. With SLI, no problem~! Both cards exhibit over 80% usage constantly.
  3. Please check my original post above....
  4. As I have nothing else to do tonight, I tested the mission. With SLI turned off, FPS: 43 GPU usage: 99% With SLI FPS: 60 GPU usage: 80% both cards I didn't observe any graphic anomalies.
  5. I want to share my experience with SLI as it has been working perfectly for me. Here is the specs of my system: CPU:7700K (4.9Ghz fixed clock) RAM: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 (4X8GB, 3200Mhz) GPU: A pair of Titan XP 12GB MB: ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Display: Asus PA329Q (4K) Here is my game settings: I tested SLI with one of the missions included in "The enemy within" campaign (3rd mission "Patrol", starting at Kobuleti) of DCS 2.5 First of all, with SLI turned off FPS: 35~40 while GPU usage stays above 90% all the time When SLI is enabled, (used default Black Shark Nvidia profile and only SLI compatibility setting DX10+DX11 bits was changed to 0x081000F5 (Dirt 3, Dirt Rally)). FPS: 60 (V-sync on) GPU usage of both cards hovering btw 70~80%
  6. Why don't you give it another shot? It is real and recently started to work.
  7. Did you press Alt-Enter at the beginning? My GPU usage in Caucasus map is usually around 70~90% in both cards. I guess if SLI works in Nevada, it should work in other two maps as well because they use a same graphic engine. Have you tried repair or fresh install?
  8. For me, SLI Titan XP works definately in all three maps of 2.5 version. I'm getting 40% boost on average (near Batumi 50FPS vs 70FPS). I do NOT force SLI, instead I'm using DirtRally3 SLI profile (SLI compatibility DX10+DX11) everything else is default or NVIDIA recommended.
  9. With the most recent update, Sli Titan XP (Dirt Rally 3 Sli profile) allowed me 20~40% more FPS (43 vs 60 FPS roughly) on 4k Normandy map w/ Mirror on / Deferred shade on / MSAA 8X / Maximum graphic settings, while usage of both cards stay around 95%. In the even much less demanding NTTR map, single titan XP could not pull out +60FPS (my gold standard) when TGP IR and mirror were turned on. SLI definitely helps me to stay above 60FPS in low altitude flying over Vegas on A-10C while enjoying all goodies from IR screen and mirrors.
  10. This is my experience with SLI after recent update 4k resolution all maximum graphic settings with deferred shading on / HDR off / MSAA 8X / V-sync on / Mirror on Normandy extremely low altitude over a city (don't know its name I just picked the largest urban area in the map, so please excuse my ignorance) 7700K overclocked to 4.9 DDR4 32GB 3200Mhz Single Titan XP 42~45 FPS Titan XP Sli (Direct 10/11 SLI profile Dirt rally 3) Managed to pull out stable 60 FPS Never tested with V-sync off because I didn't have to. I got a similar result with NTTR map over Vegas. SLI does not make much difference in DCS 1.5 though.
  11. Thank you so much LEX15. Yea, it indeed resolved my Nvidia sli issue. Now I always have >60fps even with mirror on.:thumbup:
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