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  1. DCS was not able to handle 4 points landings, yet we now have a Harrier. Same goes for 3+ engines, because it is not supported today does not mean it cannot be done. Time needed to update DCS core for that is an other story ...
  2. https://www.facebook.com/RazbamSims/posts/2703636846389603?comment_id=2703658859720735&reply_comment_id=2703731703046784
  3. It's getting annoying to see part of the VR minority whining on the forum everyday. ED nicely said what they are working on, and why it got delayed, stop the thankless comments now ...
  4. The amount of short-sighted replies here is astonishing ... I find interesting to see that most players would appreciate some more polishing of what we actually have in game, and I kinda feel this way too. On the other hand when I look back at the past 3 years, ED did a lot! But compared to our endless wish list, it doesn't seem much :blush:
  5. Guys, we know you spent 2 days cleaning up your desk before taking the pic, you can admit it now! :lol:
  6. Nice ! Any plans on adding taxiway names ?
  7. cypc


    Couple of infos you guys seem to have missed: - The weapon système officer is not required at all, you can do it all from the front seat, kinda like if you were in a single seater. (the complexity of DCS missions being so so far from real life missions, not having a WSO won't have any impact IMHO) - Razbam edited their plans since the "months, not years" announcement by stating that they won't release any new module until their 3 current aircraft are finished, so that will probably delay the F-15 quite a lot.
  8. +1, we have a decent pdf with all charts for Caucasus, why not for DLC maps?
  9. Before wanting to post, you should rather read and listen ...
  10. We didn't get a changelog on PG for 2.5.4 but the updater downloaded 6GB of files for it, I'm not sure what it was, I suppose some more things around the new airports.
  11. You can try copying .torrent files of the update on a USB stick or something, get somewhere with a nice internet connection, download torrents, get back home, copy the update on the right sub-folder in your DCS install, start the updater again, it should detect the files :thumbup: Edit: You can find .torrent files in "DCS World\_downloads\.torrents", but you have to start to download the update to get them. It's also in this folder that you'll have to paste downloaded files.
  12. You should pay more attention to announcements before complaining, ED is looking to make a block 50, which only difference with block 52 is engines :thumbup: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3510410&postcount=144
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