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  1. CombatFlite ELINT library has been updated to V4.4.
  2. If you want to use the ELINT function in CombatFlite you need to use this file to change the default values for each radar/vehicle. All you have to do is to go to TOOLS -> ELINT Library -> Import library and load the .xml file. After that is done the radars should in theory show up with the correct names inside the program when you load an ELINT file from you Viggen. Speaking of which, I need to update that file for the new ships added.
  3. Sounds similar, but inversed: one only works with the CK off, and the other only when it's turned off.
  4. They are completely separate from the navigation polygon. My pleasure
  5. First enter the SPA master mode, then either turn on the radar or leave it off. After that find your target, press T1 to either move the radar cursor, or prepare a visual fix. When the cursor or aircraft is over the target press TV. This will make the fix. To then select the newly made waypoint you click the "1" button on the datapanel. If it's fix number 2 you make you click "2" on the datapanel, etc.. A total of 9 fixes can be made, if you make more than that you'll start overwriting the older ones.
  6. I just tested it myself, that is how it currently works. I'll report this as a bug.
  7. It would appear that it is a bit buggy. Seems like you need to manually select the waypoint after doing a fix currently. Goes for both radar and visual fixes.
  8. It's the same buttons to do a visual fix as with a radar fix. The difference is whether the radar is on or not. If the radar is on, it will do a radar fix. If it's turned off it will make a visual fix, but it's always the same buttons that are used (T1 and TV, maybe T0 depending on your setup).
  9. Version 4.4 Added the new ships from the SA asset pack
  10. Might be that it doesn't initialize properly if it's hot started. maybe... The FARP should 100% work though
  11. It seems like the aircraft is required to be started (CK37 to turn on) for the ground crew to be usable through the kneeboard. The vehicles you have should be working, just tested it with the M939, M978 and a "LUV HMMWV" and they work fine. If you place an invisible FARP you'll have access to weapons and fuel before starting up the aircraft. And I'll add this as a bug; Not being able to access the ground crew before CK37 running.
  12. MYSE1234

    Radar functions

    I'm pretty sure the Viggen's radar overperform a lot when it comes to mapping the ground, and ground vehicles. To me the video released yesterday of the F1's ground radar in DCS looks closer to what is seen in real videos of the Viggen's radar. There are two more bits showing the radar later in the video, other than the first one that is time stamped. (First part is showing the island of Gotland from the north, and part of northern Öland, flying south. The later two parts is of the Gdańsk Bay from two slightly different views from the north(east).)
  13. Any specifics you know need updating? I'd say generally speaking the DCS manual is more accurate than the module itself, which is a interesting. Large parts of what I've read (granted it's not very much) is just translated straight from the SWAF ones.
  14. Ah right, it most like works fine then. There are a few other maps with the same issue and they work without any issues (NTTR, Marianas ...).
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