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  1. This is the best MiG-15 skin, unfortunately it is bugged in the 2.5.5 release. Any chance for a fix in the future? As well as for the rest of your MiG-15 skins?
  2. Any news on Steam release date?
  3. Hi, well... yeah... the pic says all. Steam version.
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way or some sort of procedure that you should implement after an AIM-54 is launched in TWS Auto and you notice that tracking of a target is lost (target is crossed out on the radar display). If the missile didn't go active before that is there a way to recover or should I just count this particular missile as wasted? Thanks in advance for clarification.
  5. Hi, the landing gear handle when in the emergency position seems to be disconnected and levitating (as it is too short when pulled out), as seen on attached screenshots.
  6. My instabuy list in no particular order (I don't bother putting here planes which were anncounced) with a short reason why: Soviet/Warasw Pact: Yak-17 - fun little early jet, so bad it's good Yak-23 - as above MiG-17 - better, afterburning MiG-15? Yes, please. Su-22 - strike plane that isn't Su-25 Su-15 - interceptor with a lot of history MiG-25 - raw power TS-11 - fun simple Polish jet trainer, with many in private collections USA/NATO: F-102 - see below F-106 - very nice looking plane with interesting GCI avionics F-104 - I'd like to see for myself just how bad it was
  7. Manual deployment of parachute and making it steerable would be cool. I don't see how it would be a bad thing. Perhaps adding a server rule so your pilot (alive and well) has to at least touch the ground before respawning would encourage people to think more about survivability, which could be favored by the upcoming points system. Steerable parachute would make the ride down a bit more fun than it is now.
  8. On the topic of space combat - I wouldn't mind seeing ASM-135 ASAT in DCS. :alien:
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if Jester AI can be in any way or form damaged or destroyed (A2A/AAA fire, shrapnel etc.)? Can it experience G-LOC?
  10. Same here and I can't find it archived anywhere. Could you post a link to the video? EDIT: Nevermind , I just found it. But yeah, I was hoping for a more condensed reveal not a 5 hour video.
  11. 1. Baltic sea, especially with a large chunk of Poland :music_whistling: 2. Vietnam, as it was perhaps the last truly symmetrical large conflict (which makes it good for multiplayer scenarios) 3. Korea 4. Midway for WWII and fun what-if clashes of carrier based powers
  12. It would be good to have at least seperate control binds for pilot movement after ejecting. It's a bit awkward to move with your stick and rudder pedals. That way we could set up classic FPS WASD for moving/strafing and mouse look for rotation. The feature is already there, just make it a bit more natural, it shouldn't require much work load.
  13. Hello, I can't assign keyboard binds in the Bf-109 - this option in other aircraft works ok. When I assign a key and click ok it doesn't seem to save it onto the list. Restoring to default doesn't help. Saving and then editing the profile also. Problem seems to have appeared after some recent update in open beta. It seems this update also unbinded many important systems such as wheel brakes etc. I've tried searching the forums for an answer. Is it a known bug? Can it be easily fixed? Thanks for help.
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