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  1. The final skin. Now with all the details.
  2. It's going public this week. I'm adding a lot more details like the tiles or seams on the bottom. Anyone can feel free to help and figure out if the bottom, like the weapon bay door or wings are coated in this shiny material as well or not. So far I couldn't really make it out from the images or references I found.
  3. Look what I found! I spotted the Zombie Raptor with the mirror coating over Nevada.
  4. I also continued to work on the Raptor, specifically it's textures and in the past months I took the challenge to create a weathered Raptor. I focused on replicating a worn out RAM coating, replaced parts, leaks, gas residues, etc. while also adding more little details or previously missing parts all over the aircraft. I'm showcasing them here in this thread as well since these new textures are going to be part of Nightstorms Enhancement Mod for the GrinnelliDesigns Raptor. Below is a collection of screenshots with the current state of these textures in various lightning conditions. They are not yet completed so some areas or parts are still being worked on (WIP). Alternatively you can view a whole album of 60 images on imgur. https://imgur.com/gallery/RgN1Ivd
  5. Many thanks, Rough! The skin is now uploaded to the User Files, please enjoy! Download First post is updated.
  6. Work resumed on the Edwards Viper. I can call it completely done now. I will do a few more checks here and there and then upload it to the User Files. I added a lot more weathering and details from my previous Viper liveries. The aircraft remains the same, the skin is still aimed to replicate the most recent Block 50 91-0383 paint scheme.
  7. This screenshot is originally from the 1st October newsletter. As you can see it shows a new WIP missile flame exhaust of the AIM-9X going off the rail and you can see the little diamonds in there. I like such little details to the visuals so it's nice to see that change.
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