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  1. Is it normal that the current pdg on the drive is only 88 pages ?
  2. You will mostly use the thrust for the flight path, if you want to increase/decrease speed, try using more your stick to pitch up/down. And why do you want to increase speed ? you want to decrease speed ?? Maybe you can provide a video ?
  3. when the gears are down, the Fly by Wire turns into a kind C*U law : Speed stable, you use throttle for the Flight path and stick for pitch. Did you use your increase thrust to counter the dive?
  4. I guess but i was wondering if we can find some second hand track IR 5 in europe, i'll get one for Xmast
  5. Thanks for the tips. I need to invest in a track IR, should be easier I guess
  6. I see :) this was my first attempt, still need more trainning though
  7. I've only flown the mirage as I'm french. I need to find a tutorial as i can't even manage to create a mission in DCS
  8. already did but I need an interactive way and also a scenario to quickly pratice
  9. It seems a bit different from the video from ED stating that the first turn is done between 2.5-3.0 G, in the first part of the video, the pilot goes up to 5 G turn
  10. When can we get the trainning missions for radar use, AA-AG... Only been flying the mirage so far so I'm new to all regarding american fighter jet. So far i only know how to start up take off and perform VFR landing
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