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  1. This is a serious limitation to an otherwise great little utility. How hard can it be? Any fix on the horizon?
  2. Same, GTX1070ti here. 466.11 driver, but was still occurring on the previous driver. If I run the sim at anything other than 4K this happens. If I set my display resolution to 2K & run DCS in 2K, it still happens. Tried all AA/Aniso combinations in the sim & in NCP. I have deleted my shaders. It's most noticeable on the areas in front of the clouds but the far horizon mountain tops are also affected.
  3. Gonna try this later. Got 8 in PP mode down, but I thought you couldnt do it for TOO mode. Perhaps I read outdated information. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  4. Don't ever play DCS in VR. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  5. My perception is that the MAV search is more stable & lock is more reliable in 2.5.6. Still not great when there are lots of contrasting objects around what you want it to lock on to, it's kind of like jamming a radar by surround the target with false returns to prevent or spoof a lock
  6. This also works in stable version but the custom cockpit name is still 'default' there. I can finally fly the Spit with the canopy closed!
  7. Why the need for a 'special option' between 3D & 2D POV? Surely this can be adjusted automatically if the player selects 'Enable VR Headset' in options? Either that or have it as an option in custom cockpit selection.
  8. Selling my Cougar throttle, owned since release day, serial # 01346. Last year my stick base bricked so I bought a Virpil WarBRD base & converted the throttle to standalone USB using a Leo Bodnar solderless BU0836X board, I also installed a Vipergear hall sensor for the throttle axis & a new speedbrake switch housing at the same time. USB 'B' (printer style) female connector in place of original gameport connector cable, I'll include the required lead. I had intentions of adding some rotaries & switches in the base as there's capacity in the circuit board for them, but never found the time. Due to a change in job, it has been used very little since the conversion as I have (a) less gaming time & (b) money to buy a new throttle (Virpil) so it is time someone else gave it some love. Unit is in good condition considering the age & use, black finish still complete, a few chips & scratches but all decals are still present, paint wear on the buttons as you would expect, but still working. £200 + postage, or collection from Birmingham
  9. I have the same with the Virpil throttle, and my Hall-sensor Cougar. But I don't think it's hardware related. The Hornet has much better resolution in the throttle axis than the Viper. Definitely worth upgrading a standard Cougar to a Hall sensor though.
  10. I'm in the 'disable NWS' camp & have been for a long time before DCS was a thing. My Virpil stick has the ability to map NWS cancel to the brake lever button press, then I control braking with the lever, so on touch-down it's all done automatic for me. Lining-up for take off I have got in the habit of using the lever to stop so I am set to roll without NWS engaged. I still map toe brakes to my pedals though, & re-enable NWS when the HUD stops counting the speed down on the roll-out.
  11. What is this 'altitude' of which you speak? (Said every Viggen Pilot, ever) Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  12. Great timing, I've just gone VR which will should make my helo experiences 'pop'. I've owned the Huey for 2 years & have about 2 hours in it...
  13. I concur, my Cougar broke in the same way, so I went with a Virpil WarBRD & it's orders of magnitude better than the Cougar gimbal ever was. But you need patience if buying from Virpil.
  14. I own 15 modules but only fly 1 regularly, and another 3 or 4 occasionally. Still going to buy more though. I've been flying ED sims since the classic Su-27 Flanker & that lineage is still detectable in DCS today. There aren't any other combat flight sims from that era which are still being commercially developed. The fact that DCS is, is largely due to the huge variety of modules that are now available.
  15. Crashes in UI every time I start a mission since last OB patch, worked fine until last update. going to try to roll back to previous OB Fixed - Nvidia 430.39 driver issue, which I had also updated on Friday, I rolled back to 425.31 & have not had any crash since.
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