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  1. Airj247

    model kits

    Not sure, I think most would come missing parts that they will mail you to add months later...
  2. Problem is that it says on the specifications that it can run with 16gb of ram, s to those who bought it with only that amount of ram, its quite unplayable. For me, I only have 16gb of ram, I've yet to see the map yet as it aways crashes on load, even though my settings aren't high.
  3. Preferably a navy helicopter of some sort, specifically one that can complement the Tarawa, liKe a AH-1 of CH-53
  4. "Advanced precision kill weapon system", its like a hydra rocket modified with a laser head. Meant for like minimal collateral damage if my research is correct.
  5. Hey Razbam, I know y’all are busy I’m just curious if we are still getting the APKWS system. I remember seeing it in the threads a long time ago. Haven’t heard much since, obviously you guys got bigger stuff on your plate right now by no means am I meaning to come off as demanding, just curious as it seems pretty neat and unique.
  6. Absolutely love flying the 29, would love to see a proper implementation of radar system in the later versions
  7. With practice you will see yourself slipping before the slip, and correct it before it happens. Once you land on the carrier and build that confidence in your ability, you can only get better. Confidence is key.
  8. The A4 is amazing, keep up the amazing work! It is so much fun to fly, its surprisingly capable an lots of fun.
  9. Maybe ask for a plane that is smaller but still can bomb like a Vulcan
  10. I don’t know, what about the sea king, pretty old and used by a lot of nations, not to mention it’s meant for navy activities unlike the hueywe got. (It still can do it but a sea king can do it better) I believe I read somewhere that I can be armed with machine guns and possibly two anti ship middles, I would think we would get less hassles with this than say a UH-60. The Sea King can still fill out the utility/ transport role as well.
  11. Lol I love bombing gas trucks and missing them by a bit and have them drive off like everything’s fine.
  12. Lmao ya gotta love politics, how dare Trump crash that poor F-35
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