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  1. Having my previous message being said, I TOTALLY agree on the AWACS calls issue. It makes NO FUCKING SENSE having the AWACS annoying the player with frequent BRA calls for bandits that are HUNDREDS OF MILES AWAY, especially when there are much closer bandits which pose a much more significant and imminent threat to us. There should be a "Range Filter" on the AWACS AI for when they start calling bogeys for us. In my experience with DCS, anything past beyond 80 miles is pretty much IRRELEVANT to the player, unless it's a hostile F-14 that can shoot Phoenixes from farther than that range.
  2. I can add to this issue. There is a hotkey to cycle through the message feedback modes, that used to change the filters of which messages the player receives from the built-in Radio Comms. This hotkey is labeled "Receive Mode" in the Controls window of the Options Menu. Hotkey is RShift+\ or RShift+M. When you first spawn in an FC3 aircraft or any "low fidelity" module, the default Receive Mode is set to "Player's Communications + Reports to Player + Other Aircraft Communications". If you press the hotkey once, it shows that message on the top-right corner of your screen. Pressing the hotkey again while the message is being displayed will cycle through de 3 different Receive Modes from this default one to the second mode, which filters out the "Other Player's Communications". With this second mode, you should not receive radio calls from other flights calling waypoint passes, requests for takeoff/landings from other aircraft, or anything in general that has nothing to do with you and your flight. Means you'll only receive messages that are relevant for your mission, such as the regular AWACS vectors and ATC calls that are directly for you. Pressing it once more cycles to only "Player's Communications". This last mode used to only return to you the radio calls that are immediate direct responses to the Radio Calls YOU select on the Comms menu (this one even filtered the continuous AWACS feedback), meaning you only get an AWACS feedback WHEN YOU REQUEST IT. Same for ATC comms, Wingman, JTAC, etc... The only issue I'm having with this feature (I'm testing this with the F-15 right as I type in here) is that this last mode, the Players's Communications, it still gives me radio feedback for communications I did not request, like waypoint calls from AI flights (which should only be received on the default mode). This issue began quite a while ago (I started noticing it after the Apache became available) and it was even worse than it is right now. It got KIND OF fixed a couple of updates ago, but still remains this minor issue.
  3. For the F-15 in particular, this function requires you to HOLD the key binding. For every other aircraft, it's a toggle function, but for the F-15, it only works while you hold the key. And by the way, if you start holding it AFTER you move your rudder, it will hold the wheel steering in that direction even after you neutralize rudder, so make sure you have it neutral when you press and hold the key.
  4. I thought I could add my 2 cents on this issue. I've noticed this issue with the speedbrake for quite some time, and I don't know whether this is actually a bug or it's how it is designed in the real jet (my guess is this is actually how it's supposed to work), but your speedbrake won't come out when you have a high Angle of Attack. Anywhere above 25 units of AoA makes the speedbrake not operate. I'm not sure what causes the AoA sensor in the Eagle to go nuts when you're stationary on ground (maybe wind incidence angle?), but you can watch, in a fully stopped and engines off condition, that your AoA Gauge keeps jumping from 0 all the way up to 45+ units, and whenever the needle passes the 25 mark, it prevents the speedbrake from operating. This strange AoA sensor behavior also happens on other jets (I've experienced that with the SU-25 - when its AoA passes a certain limit, the annoying warning sound goes off - and in the Flankers as well), so maybe it is caused by wind. For the Eagle, the side effect of this high AoA is the speedbrake won't move. Also, when you're in the air, get your speedbrake out and pull a high alpha maneuver, and watch your speedbrake retract automatically when you have the high angle of attack, and it'll come back out when the AoA goes down. This behavior is what leads me to believe this issue is actually a design choice, not a bug. But I may be wrong on that, it needs investigation.
  5. It's almost a full year since this topic was started, and the problem is still present. And there are a few other issues I found with the TF. The 'Close Canopy' default key binding (LCtrl+C) doesn't work as intended. It actually opens the canopy, even though the 'Open Canopy' keybind is LShift+C. So both key bindings are opening the canopy, leaving only the mouse wheel option for this function. Binding another key does not fix the issue either. Another MINOR issue: Left Clicking on the Flight Stick Locking Pin (located in front of the base of the stick) should put the flight stick fully forward and lock it in place with the pin; Right Clicking the pin locks the stick in Neutral Position. The Right Clicking function works properly but Left Clicking is not. They have key bindings, though (LShift+X for Fowrard Lock and LAlt+X for Neutral Lock), and the keys are working properly.
  6. I've been able to toggle the labels yesterday without crashing... MAYBE it's related to what aircraft I choose (yesterday I picked up an F-16C and had no crash, now for this crash I've attached, I was in the F-15C)... No idea. I'll try to cause the crash on Single Player missions, try it with different aircraft and see how it goes.
  7. I've just reproduced the crash, but I couldn't attach the original zip folder because it exceeds the 5 MB maximum attachment size (it's a 9.9 MB file). Most of it is because of the mission track (.trk) file inside the .zip. It was a pretty busy Capture Bases mission from a 4YA server, with 30+ active players at the moment. So I took the freedom of extracting the zip folder, and re-zipping it without the .trk file. dcs.log-20211223-012540(1).zip
  8. Well, I can't remember if this hotkey Shift+F2 is reserved by any other conflicting software running on background. I gotta check this, but I think there's nothing using it. But what happens in-game is that as soon as I press the Left Alt Shift + F2 it freezes for a couple of seconds, then the pop up Crash Report window appears, giving me the option to send crash report (I have NO IDEA what that actually does). I've just checked if the crash happens on the Menu Screens, and nope. It doesn't. Only when I'm actually on a mission/server. Edit: Just correcting the Hotkey. It's actually Left SHIFT + F2, not Left Alt + F2. There are also other keys for other types of Labels toggling. I'll check these as well next time.
  9. I've been having this issue for quite some time. I can't remember the last time it worked for me, but I guess it was before the 2.7 release. My "Labels" option is set to "No Labels" on the Gameplay Options Menu, but there is a hotkey to toggle them on and off (Left Shift + F2). It's a useful tool in multiplayer servers that I'd like to use for when I want to quickly identify a player that's right next to me on the ground or in the air, without having to look at the F10 map, find myself in it and the player next to me to see their callsign. The problem is, as soon as I press the hotkey, the game crashes. This happens on both the Stable Release branch and the Open Beta branch (fresh install on my PC, as I've just decided to play on the OB this week). Tested on multiplayer servers only. I haven't checked in Single Player yet but it's likely to do the same. DCS Log attached. dcs.log
  10. I downloaded the Monitor version, but when I tried to open the .RAR, i got a "Broken/Corrupt File" warning.
  11. Well, they've fixed MOST of these issues - some of them still persist - since the latest update (Version 2.7.6 Stable Release). The cockpit interior lighting has been tuned up quite a notch (only during daytime you can barely notice any difference, but for night time it's ok); Exterior Navigation Lights have been fixed and are fairly visible now; Leading edge wing base Red Strobe Lights have been tuned down to a reasonable level; HUD brightness is adjustable as always, doesn't need fixing; The Displays are still too bright and overexposed; The mysterious red light on the head of the Ejection Seat is still present; Now the Landing/Taxi Lights, however, are presenting a new issue: They are missing the "halo" effect texture completely. Or rather, what I believe it's actually happening is there's some sort of Alpha Clipping issue between the "Halo" texture and the glass cap of the lamps, where the glass is displaying opaque on top of the halo texture. The Landing and Taxi lights are lighting up the ground and objects correctly though. I still think the taxi light is a little dim and doesn't reach very far on the ground. I feel like the F-15 taxi lights still remain the weakest among all the american aircraft in DCS (but MAYBE this is an F-15 related problem? Maybe the F-15 in real life has a weak taxi/landing light? Who knows?).
  12. There are default keybindings for controlling HUD brightness. I've changed mine but I believe RCtrl + RShift + H = Brightness Up, and RAlt + RShift + H = Brightness Down. Or something like that. Also, you can change the color of the HUD Symbology, with RCtrl + H (or is it RAlt + H, anyway, just try these combinations out and you'll figure out). I wish there was a control for the cockpit lights brightness as well.
  13. I am trying to play again the FC3 Campaign for the F-15C after a couple of years having finished it, and I'm also facing issues with AI wingmen behaviour in some missions. My wingman #2 sometimes just EXPLODE out of nowhere, for no reason at all. He's not getting engaged by anything, or even crashing into nothing. Just simply exploding suddenly, and sometimes even causing damage to my aircraft, when we're flying in Close Group Formation. It's a well known fact for MANY years that the AI traffic and ATC logic is plagued with A LOT of bugs and issues, or simply weird behavior and lacking many features that could add for a more immersive single player experience. Formation Takeoffs and Landings almost ALWAYS result in tragedy. Yesterday I've tried a formation landing with my 3 AI wingmen, after successfully completing one of the early missions in this campaign, they all crashed on each other behind me, causing a MAJOR explosion, killing all three pilots instantly, and damaging my aircraft. There are SO MANY things to be fixed in the AI logic (especially in regards to ATC interaction) that Eagle Dynamics have always postponed the work and focused on developing new stuff.
  14. Test 2.miz Here you go. In the previous version (Test 1) I had the Civil Aircraft Mod installed so there were some stuff from this mod in the mission. I removed them all to make sure you are able to load the mission without having to install the mod.
  15. Thanks for the response. I did a few other tests with this mission, and even got to the point of completely removing all of the Advanced Waypoint Options for the 2-ship of Black Sharks. Instead of telling them to Escort the tanks, I've actually set up a series of steerpoints nearby the path of the thanks. Result: No difference at all. The Black Sharks are still hovering still in the air, carried by the wind. But I also found out that the Frogfoots were actually engaging the black sharks, which was the reason they we're flying directly into the threat envelope of the SAMs in my home base. In one of the tests, the Froggies indeed engaged the choppers in a couple of passes, while evading the SAM shots. The Black Sharks also managed to avoid the Froggies attacks, but they NEVER followed their pre-planned route, neither with or without Advanced Waypoint Options. Then I decided to remove the Advanced Waypoint Options for the Frogfoots completely. Result: Now they follow half of their flight plan, but a couple of minutes before reaching the steerpoint where they would initiate their attack on the tanks and choppers, they just go "NOPE" and return to base.
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