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  1. Hello, how to install this without any mod manager? Thanks!
  2. Are you using it with an extension or without? Does it have less ramp-up with deflection than the T-50? Smoother near center? I'm pretty much ready to jump on it come tomorrow...
  3. OK, great to know about the "articulation sphere". I think my issue of play at center is the result of that part anyways. Now, we'll see how much they want for it... Still, in the meantime I'll be looking at the WarBRD as well coz I also have a stiction issue with the Warthog and frankly not sure if the new part would help in that regard as I think stiction is the result of a combination of thigs like the alignment of the four guide pins, the wholes they ride in, the plastic washer, etc.
  4. Frankly, I didn't even check Virpil's site for over a year now as I got the T-50 base and was not happy with it. Deflection angle is too small, one of the bearings is binding resulting in not smooth movement and deflection resistance ramp-up is too fast (probably due to the small deflection angle). I've tried all cams and springs. It's sitting in the bin. :( I'll look into the new WarBRD base. Maybe it'll be better in those regards. Would probably be the same money anyways. However it seems to be out of stock?
  5. My TM Warthog stick developed a play around center so would like to order a replacement gimbal set or whatever parts involved. Has anybody done this and if so what is the part called exactly? Or if anyone has a parts list or diagram I could use to look it up that would help greatly. Thanks for any tips!
  6. Can someone verify if rudder with keyboard is working in 2.5 OB ? It's not working for me. On 1.5 it's working as advertised. I tried 2.5 on a separate machine with no controllers, no axis assignments and the X and Z keys don't work for the rudder. Aileron and elevator with the arrow keys work. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, so it's ONLY available for Russia. The one red country I didn't select, lol.
  8. Trying to create a simple mission but only seem to be able to add the regular 25. The 25T is not available. What am I doing wrong? Is it specific to some countries? I tried Russia, Belarus, Kazakh but only see the 25.
  9. OK, looking at the track log it seems the power lines are OP :D
  10. Can someone please clue me in why my rocket pods are empty when loading into a mission? Edit: Never mind, I didn't know that you have to click on SPECIFIC pilon slots on the loadout screen. Never clicked on pilon 2 which is the only place you can mount rockets.
  11. I'm trying to engage the tanks from 4 km out but my missiles almost always explode before the tanks. Even on the Nevada smooth desert map. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Just giving my observation in case it helps someone. I just started flying 2.5 and I also found the Gazelle cyclic behave strangely. With default curves for the axis I could move the stick (CH) almost 10 degrees and nothing would happen and then beyond that all of a sudden crazy things. So yeah, no matter what I did, no fine control was to be had. I still have Alpha 2.0 installed so I tested it there and it was butter smooth with same default axis settings. Then I looked other settings and under "Misc." I noticed that on 2.0 I had "Force feedback" checked. Not sure why but I never touched it. I checked on 2.5 and it was also enabled there so I unchecked it and voila! Heaven returned! Now why it had no effect in 2.0 and why it messed things up for me in 2.5 I don't know. But once I turned it off things were smooth and now I could hold a smooth 500 fpm climb or descent or smooth turns. Give it a check and try. Now if I could just find a fix for those Robin Hood-like sniper tanks too... :D
  13. I just found out that if the fuel lever is not set COMPLETELY forward during startup auto hover will not engage. Because I had a few startup with too fast spool-up resulting in the turbine shutting down I mapped the lever to a slider and set the position based on the needle position being between the two red markers. However because it wasn't FULLY forward the auto hover wouldn't work. You can actually hear a small clunk sound when it's in position. Worth checking to make sure...
  14. I bought the Dora through Steam but also installed and activated it for DCS 2 with the Nevada terrain. Are there missions for this terrain? The Caucasus ones don't show up in "Instant Flight".
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