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  1. More video introduction, and English subtitles
  2. I'm afraid I need to reproduce your situation to know why But I don't know how to do it yet
  3. I really encountered this situation for the first time, I guess it may be related to the GPU, the UI is dx hardware accelerated
  4. Sorry, there is currently no official way to buy abroad
  5. I plan to make a video, the text description is difficult to express clearly, but it takes some time
  6. Official website: https://easyfox.com.cn v4 is a very complex system, I will slowly tell you How to get it: 1、Go to official website:https://easyfox.com.cn 2、Click DownLoad(下载) 3、You will see many versions, but this is not important, you need to download an EasyControlRepair 4、Run EasyControlRepair.exe and select the version,for example 4_0_35 5、Click Repair button. Repair button make sure your local files are always correct, such as if you deleted the files by mistake, or if the version is incorrect. 6、Now you can run /V4_0_35/EasyControl.exe How to register: 1、Go to official website:https://easyfox.com.cn 2、Click EasyControl Management page(EasyControl管理页面) 3、Click New account(新用户) 4、Fill in account name(账号), nickname(昵称), email address(邮箱) 5、You will receive an email, if not, please use another email provider 6、Enter your password(密码) and confirm your password(确认密码) 7、Now you can log in to EasyControl How to get the hardware: You can buy it on Taobao https://easyfox.taobao.com/ or https://link-start.taobao.com How powerful it is:、 1、Supports all input methods:Button,SwitchButton,Encode,Bind,Hell,Potentiometer... 2、Can output:PWM,Stepper motor,mouse,keyboard,joystick,you can even communicate directly with the game through easycontrol 3、You can use digital tubes and OLED to display data If you want to be an aircraft cockpit, no problem at all
  7. We have a way to be compatible, but it is not officially authorized.
  8. We are temporarily targeting the Chinese market, and the overseas market will be delayed for some time.
  9. It will be very tired, and the strength is now tired.
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