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  1. Bought! Dora is elegant, but I still need Anton. ;)
  2. Well. It seems you still can notice some patterns of pixels through the lens. However, it still looks promising with the large FOV. ;)
  3. Great news. I'm looking forward to 8K VR DCS. Thank you!
  4. Great. Can't wait to fly it with F-5. :thumbup:
  5. I have the same issue (VR crashing on exiting mission every time). My log is attached. DCS.openalpha-20170622-185105.crash.zip
  6. I have received my JetSeat SE a couple of weeks ago. I just didn't have time to test it until now. I have tried DCS, War Thunder, and IL-2 BOS (via sound mode) with VR and the new JetSeat SE. Woooo! It's amazing. The vibration does enhance the immersion of VR flight. I am really happy with the JetSeat. Thanks! Andre. :thumbup:
  7. You can find it here: https://andres.shop/jetseat/24-jetseat-sim-edition.html
  8. Oh. My bad. I forgot to check my email at first. Definitely the "Dark Olive". It looks good at the JetSeat Sim Edition picture of your shop website. Thanks a lot!
  9. Sure. This is the information I found in my order history: Order Reference QIHWYFCQX - placed on 02/19/2017
  10. This is GREAT! :thumbup: Any plan to support more devices like Oculus Rift (Touch) or Leap Motion?
  11. Great news! Thanks! Andre. I think I should be in the first pre-order list. (I hope so.) Anyway, I am looking forward to it!
  12. I would deserve it because my wife told me so. You know, I am not a henpecked man, but I think she was right. Thank you. :)
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