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  1. Not 100% sure on this, BUT, I believe in the real jet, you can slew the TDC outside of the Radar display area and hover over some of the settings and depress the SCS to select it. Its not implmented in DCS though.
  2. I have been working with this, and think I have it setup right, I can get the waypoints added to the plane, the only thing that doesn't work is the "Capture from DCS F10 Map" it never imports the data, and says capture failed. I have tried changes the coordinate types with no luck.
  3. Without Doubt, this is the best F5 post I have ever seen....
  4. Is anyone else having issues downloading 1.1.0 Beta 2? I have tried from three different machines and none of the downloads finish.
  5. I'm not sure that is correct for the DCS Lot 20s. I know Lots 20s started getting multi color displays in 1990, but I don't think they will be modeled in this jet. I might be wrong though (Hope I am)
  6. Not sure if this has been posted or not, but it doesn't seem like the TACAN course line works unless the TACAN beacon is in the current Range setting on the DDI. For example if the DDI Range is set to 80 miles but the TACAN Station is 120 mile from the AC the Bearing line will not show. Set the Range to 140 miles and it works fine. Go back to 80 and it goes away again. Is this correct?
  7. Any chance you can post your 2_monitors-FA18C.lua file? I have a setup close to yours and I can't get anything working. My setup is a 2560x1080 main screen with at 1920x1080 touch centered under it, and I am getting none of the pop outs.
  8. Yep... It was with VFA-131, but as of Aug 17 it was unmarked with VFA-106 (AD-354)
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