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    Where the Ka-52's radar should be, hidden.
  1. Buddy-lasing with the Kh-25 does work.
  2. I have to agree with msalama there. Doing ground-pounding with the L-39 is a blast! People saying it is "useless" in multiplayer just because it can't spam Mavericks and CBUs over the targets are ridiculous. Don't forget that you play your own game, and have fun YOUR way.
  3. Good luck on your project! I REALLY hope you succeed.
  4. I believe the L-39 has it modelled, aswell.
  5. Of course the Hind is gonna be a game changer. Maybe not capability-wise, but because of the impact it's gonna have on the rotorhead community. It's Huey-level popularity. Like it was mentioned before, it's gonna be the F/A-18C of helicopters!
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    GL with it pal
  7. It's the same with the F-5E's guns, the Huey's miniguns, the GAU-8/A cannon...
  8. That's what I mean. The fun of the L-39 is the lack of CCIP and even a rangefinder. You have to use the reticle to measure distance, and actually calculate the fictious target base yourself if you want to be accurate. And that's not to mention the strict flying parameters!
  9. That's right! Anyone can point and shoot a maverick, how about manual bombing?
  10. I believe the civil planes are gonna attract more people to DCS, and that is going to help the 3rd parties grow. More money circulating can only be good to the sim, besides converting some civy pilots to combat aviation. Also worth noting that civilian planes should take way less resources to produce.
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    Green is not a creative color
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