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  1. Great, thanks! Will try it.
  2. I flew this mission yesterday and I can confirm that during RTB close to the NDB Nalchik I´v got a message to fly low and drop flares (just voice message without titles). However I haven´t got any problems to finish the mission (on 2nd try with average rating - hit something from 3000m is quite challenging:)) Anyway, I´m realy enjoying the campaing! I´v found again that Mi-8 is my favourite module and it is really fun to fly it. Thanks for it!
  3. Hi, I´m stucked in this mission. You (+ 1 wingman) are asked to provide a cover for your choppers over Krasnodar AF. There are 2xF-4s + 2xF-5s as a primary threat. I tried it a lot of times with different approaches (low/mid/high alt, fast/slow, F-4s as primary targets/F-5s as primary targets)...but everytime I was shot down. Does anybody have some advices for right strategy in this mission? Thanks a lot!
  4. and Slovakia please:) we have really nice digital camo
  5. From 5th mission a I have it whole in russian (incl. briefing, scripted radio communication text, etc.). Any advices? I´m playing stable. Thanks.
  6. Hi, any chance to make a Frog? There already is one, but it looks broken... https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1545377/
  7. Hi, I´d really appreciate to have an option to choose Czechoslovakia as a side in mission editor. We already have Yugoslavia, 3rd Reich, etc. , so country where I was born will be great:) There are also many planes in DCS which served in CS airforce and one pure made in CS plane (L-39). Thanks.
  8. Hi, I flew Mission 18 of Spring Tension campaing today and I found that I´m not able to give an order to my wingman to attack ground (in this mission soldiers and ZSU). I tried every order combinations in the list but without any success. To finish the mission I have to kill everything on my own... I´m not sure If this is not the same in the other missions where I´m the leader with a wingman...Any advices? Thanks.
  9. I flew the mission today. A while after the first flyover and illumination I was asked for the second round, which I did. After that nothing. Su-25s on the way home. So I decided to fly home to Shpora, landed and mission success...So not a big deal, but also no very nice to have this radio silence (flying stable version).
  10. Just to report, because I´think that I have the same problem like many people here: - DCS Mi-8 Spring Tension campaign, Mission 12 "Repairs" - Flying to the crash site with fuel onboard, land near the Mi-28 and waiting for the scripted progress (waiting while the engineers refuel the repaired Mi-28 on the crash site) - Some soldiers and one BVP around, suddenly the BVP exlodes and I´m asked to eliminate the enemy. - When I open the radio menu and hit F10 to reply, the game freezes for a second and then crashed to the desktop, usually with crashlog (but I think sometimes without it). - no mods - pagefile set manually to the 1024*16*1,5=24576 MB with no effect - not happening before the latest update (but before the update I was not flying exactly this mission...) Thanks! dcs.log-20190203-183852.zip
  11. Hail Of Bullets For some death metal fans, if there are any. Dutch supergroup Hail OF Bullets with members from other death metla legends Pestilence, Asphyx, Thanatos and marginally Bolt Thrower and Benediction. True oldschool production. Unfortunately the singer Martin van Drunen (with his very characteristic vocals) left the band in 2016. But the most interesting for you should be the lyrical themes of their albums: 1st album "...of frost and war": Operation Barbarossa - from German attack on the USSR to the Berlin capitulation 2nd album "On divine winds": Pacific - Mukden incident, Kamikaze etc. ending with capitulation of Japanese emperor 3nd album "III The Rommel chronicles" - I think the name says it all and on EP "Warsaw rising" - Warsaw rising Hope somebody will appreciate it... PS: I´ve noticed that I don´t know how to put direct video here
  12. Thanks. Unfortunately there is some texture bug (near exhaust). But I saw it also on some other downloaded liveries after last updates. Some incompatibiity with last DCS:Mi-8 version? But now, as I see the real photo, it looks like it can be like that. But I´m nearly 100% sure, that other liveries are bugged. Also it looks like there is no texture at all instead texture with black surface. Image is little bit dark, sorry for that.
  13. I´d really love to have this one:joystick:
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