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  1. net.send_chat() can also send messages to individual players, so to send a message to one side only you could simply iterate over all its players. From the readme.txt
  2. Generally all messages that are prefixed with "#" are messages sent by the server. Everything else is generated on the client's side. I am not sure if it is possible to disable these messages for clients, maybe by editing events.lua on the server accordingly and adding it to the file check list, but then you would require clients to download the edited version of that file before joining the server, which isn't very user friendly.
  3. I posted this some time ago, but I didn't try it myself, so I am not sure if it works or not: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=737045&postcount=81
  4. The list connects player names and IDs, and you need the ID to kick/ban people manually. The pool does not show the ID. (Same for mission IDs) :)
  5. Afaik BS checks trigger conditions in regular time intervals, so if the load increases the chance may be higher that a trigger condition could be missed if it becomes true and false again directly after that. However the additional calculations done by the mod should be negligible, I guess the only real time consuming operation is the file flushing that happens when new text is written to the logfile/chatlog, all other lengthy operations are being done during mission loading.
  6. Hi Eagle, afaik there is no tutorial on how to use the networking scripts, there are only tutorials for export.lua (see the Dev's journal and the wiki). Obviously, the prerequisite is that you know the basics of the Lua programming language, if you do not have that you need to start learning it first. After you mastered the basics you can edit the event handlers in those /net scripts to gather/store the required stats and, assuming that you want to display them on a website, send them to your webserver in regular intervals (e.g. after each mission), which needs to run a script (for example written in PHP) to process the data. This script will probably store the data in a file/database, which is read by another script that viewers of your stats page invoke. To send data via HTTP/POST you can use the LuaSocket (http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/~diego/professional/luasocket/) library. See the parts of the ServMan mod that downloads a masterbanlist from a remote webserver, it gives you an example of how to set up LuaSocket. HTH Acedy
  7. Hi, using Lua you can get a lot of player info/stats from the server.lua and events.lua files in the /Scripts/net/ folder. Take a look at the readme.txt in that folder, it explains the functions you can use to do so. This is probably easier than editing export.lua, because you always get the ID of a player who is responsible for a certain event.
  8. If you want to extract player information from the server at runtime, take a look at the files in Scripts/net, especially server.lua and events.lua. They contain callbacks that you can use to send data over a socket or to create a stats file. By default server.lua writes some information to the Temp/net-server.log file. There are also some additional functions that you can access in these scripts to query other information, including the Lua state of the Config/Export/export.lua file (i.e. it is possible to get the same information that TacView uses) and the current mission file. I don't know though how much runtime information about AI units you can extract, you have to experiment with the net.dostring_in(state_name, string) function. See the Scripts/net/readme.txt file for more information and the ServMan mod (link in my sig) for examples. I don't know where the debrief.txt file is created, but if it is a Lua script you can force it to flush text to the file as soon as it has been written. That way you should (in principle) be able to parse it at runtime. I am not sure how Windows handles concurrent r/w file accesses from different processes, but I guess that you can open the file only once in write mode and as often as you want in read-only mode. Alternatively you could change the script to send the data over a socket.
  9. VERSION 2 HAS BEEN RELEASED!! REFER TO THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES! Important announcement: v2 is the last version of this mod that will be developed by myself. However, this does not mean that it is going to die. I know that alot of servers are using it, so I have been looking for successors who would like to continue the work. Fortunately Panzertard and =RvE=Yoda have volunteered to do so, which I appreciate very much. Thanks fellas! As you all know they are very active members of the DCS/LO community, and I am sure the mod will be in good hands. From now on they are the new developers of this tool, so please direct any suggestions for new features to them! :)
  10. Acedy


    Thanks everybody!! :)
  11. Acedy


    :D Thanks alot mate! BTW, I left the moderator and translator teams some weeks ago because I don't have enough time for the job anymore, ED just have not removed the tags yet...
  12. Has anybody else been there? Unfortunately, despite the sunshine, the visibility was quite bad and the fog didn't burn off for the whole day, so some scheduled participants couldn't join or display their whole program, but the show was great anyway. The things that impressed me the most were the aerobatics performed by the Blades, Melissa Andrzejewski and the Red Bull Bo 105, the B-17 Sally B from Duxford and the PBY Catalina. I had also hoped to see the Hurricane and Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, but they couldn't take off from the UK because of bad weather. :( There were also lots of aircraft form the Nato Tiger Meet that was held simultaneously at the nearby Kleine Brogel airbase, mainly F-16s but also various Mirages, Gripen and an F-18. A few videos (these are not shot by me): Blades: Bo 105 Restaurated airworthy Avro Vulcan Patrouille Suisse (I didn't see those because I left earlier)
  13. Der v1.0.1 Patch für die dt. Download- und DVD-Version von Black Shark kann von der Hauptseite heruntergeladen werden: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?end_pos=2364&scr=products&lang=en -> DCS: Black Shark 1.0.1 patch (German) Bei dem Patch handelt es sich um eine lokalisierte Fassung des engl. v1.0.1a Patches. :pilotfly:
  14. Der Hotfix ist durch den Patch v1.0.1 überflüssig geworden und sollte vor/nach der Installation des Patches NICHT installiert werden.
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