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  1. Might be some other fix coming for the RDI , some already on the way for CC modes, but current implementation is very much how real one works. So, don't expect much. You need to learn to use it or jump on more modern fighter for more help from the software. Please wait for coming manual and guide, then we can talk more about RDI without having to explain the whole system in chat or here. P.s. Maybe one day someone will release the module documentation before everything else.
  2. Hello, I finally found time to have a look to this, so let me try to explain quickly, hope to give you and any other user that want to understand and not just play, more valuable information. The RDI in TWS goes in single bar scan and follow the target with elevation. So, it's true that raw data is limited by the number of swipes. But let me explain a bit more how radar works and what has been simulated on the raw data elaboration. Any raw data is processed, part of it, is a matching algorithm that will try to "old" contact with latest swipe contacts. If a match is found the target is confirmed to be the same and this happen any time if the contact is in TWS or not. There are many others implications related to target signal, position, attitude, ground, interferences, position in the antenna cone, identification, Mirage position... some of them are classified some has been understood and reproduced. But two of them are something you should consider in your analysis and video. -One has been found, predicting target next position to facilitate the matching process, bear in mind that this prediction could also result in target out of radar frustum. -Another one, the most important was not considered here, it's that every contact is ground stabilised, and that's I beleive is the results of the smoothness you see. So everytime we draw a contact on VTB or HUD, this simple 2d coordinate, is the result of the computation of latest contact data plust Mirage position, antenna position, target attitude, prediction and ground stabilisation, this is why if the contact is lost or is out of cone it's still drawed with smoothness. I personally think that Thales, few years back... did a miracle using analog and few digital components and here we are doing not bad into reproducing that with our possibilities (limited software computation and classified informations). Let me add that without all of these you will probably have a WW2 radar. If you want to know more on the subject just contact me on Discord. Bye!
  3. Step one is almost completed. Requires some little refinement but this week I'll move on the new CM box. Enjoy a flight in flight radio tests :-D This video show frequency enter, contact tower, channel change and radio configuration menu.
  4. On Discord noticed after few minutes dude. Including some cockpit builders....
  5. Hello, I'm now writing much but I found important to share the planned activities for the M-2000C (As I have done in other project phases) that I just shared on Discord: 1. Finish the green box radio 2. Implement the new CM 3. Grab all the reported bugs (on channels and pm, AdA, Discord,Forum, Facebook...) and merge with my buglist. 4. Fly to Orange and/or DCS sessions to verify some of them and the new cockpit with pilots and simulator. 5. Release new cockpit with high priority bugfix. 6. More bugfix and release in OB/Stable For you that appreciate to see some progress, here CH/Freq selection on the new readio (mouse cursor not recorded).
  6. Me too but AdA says that it's available only in BAH/2 modes. Anyway still needs some small changes even there.
  7. It will be for sure. Currently number 14th in my list. Edit: before you are going to ask. No. Cannot share that list.
  8. Just in case you want more details on the actual status. Please remember it's WIP.
  9. Only line 1 and 4. Works only with 4 lines.
  10. B52 and others big aircrafts, the radar features and performances are under review.
  11. Hey pilots, here the first working version of the new radar targets symbology. Here are mixed targets at different speeds and altitudes. Most of them around 280kts and 12K feet +/- 2000 First screen I'm at 400/17800 then I cut engine and climb to 19200 and almos stall. I actually could take a video... uhmmm but let's wait for feeback from AdA.
  12. I have a short list of fixed and not wings, nothing older then cold war, and yes, the 104 is in it.
  13. Hey! Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'll deliver the best quality I can driven by a good amount of passion!
  14. If that works, the way back will be needed as well....
  15. Forgive me if already posted. :music_whistling: What do you think about keep the Jester UI up and running when you have a human RIO. Asking that because I found that sometimes a not speaking/connected RIO is jumping in my backseat. And I found myself trying to communicate with the speechless RIO using the team chat, when it could just receive voice/text message sent via Jester UI. Again, will delete it if already discussed....
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