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  1. Played mission 5 for the first time today. No enemy helicopters after completing the imaginary sites. Mission 5 failed when ended, campaign auto-reset to mission 4 with status "Draw". Clicking OK will restart mission 4 again.
  2. Here're the requested details: 1. TX6 (AUX): Press and Release 2. MP Tab
  3. Hope you guys can help me out. I'm trying to do the same thing in VA, running VAICOM as the default profile with my custom profile. My VA setup has the VAICOM and my custom profile DCS_RH (which is similar to MIME): I assigned the TX6 pair to my hotas: In VAICOM config: REL HOT is disabled: When I press and hold TX6, immediately get listening resumed followed by Listening suspended. While ignoring the above status, I say out a command from my custom profile DCS_RH but without any respond from VA... Let me know if I've configured the VA incorrectly. Thanks.
  4. I'm on latest DCS OB DCS, been using Viacom Pro without issues for the past one year. Easy comm = off Aircraft = M2000C Issue 1: It use to work for me when I say command: Tanker (or callsign of tanker)...Select, it will switch to the available tanker frequency. Now I get this error: Issue 2. So, I manually tuned to the Tanker Frequency, e.g. radio 2 = 251.000 and I see the tanker listed in the comm text menu. I say command: Tanker...Approaching for refuel If I'd manually communicate with the tanker via the comm text menu, the tanker responded, so the tanker was indeed available. I'm puzzle why viacom doesn't work anymore. I've used those simple commands for AAR over and over again countless times in the past. Can someone please double-confirm if experiencing the same issue? Thanks.
  5. I am on latest OB patch, "\" doesn't bring out the comm text menu when the helo is in the air. I am not using easy comm. Tuned to the correct radio selector and frequency. Can someone please double confirm?
  6. Hi, In OB 2.7, I noticed that the hud diamond symbol doesn't reset to new heading after pressing the trimmer button. E.g. I hold the trim button while turning to the right with the rudder. Next, release the trimmer but the diamond symbol doesn't recenter. Can someone confirm this issue? Thanks.
  7. Hi, After selecting the gun and fired a few rounds on the round, the HUD became this -> Is there a way to change it back to Nav mode? I've used the button target reset ("backspace") but it didn't work. Thanks.
  8. I'm in the latest OB patch and experiences the same issue still. Starting a new mission after the first will 99% crash. I have to back out into the main menu, click other places and then restart a new mission but this doesn't gaurantee no crashes. I'm not running any hardware overclocked settings.
  9. How do we have a soft lock without alerting the enemy from now on? The POL mode actually activates the heatseeker lock in PID (TWS) without the magic selected.
  10. In the POL mode, there will be a continuous audio lock tone, and I think the heatseeker becomes active too if there's one on board without any weapon selection. Looks like a hard lock to me.
  11. In the old A10C, I used to get the audio "Warning, Autopilot" whenever the autopilot disengages due e.g. stick movement or sudden pilot movement like turning the plane. But I'm not getting this anymore the new hog. Does anyone know the steps for reactivating this feature? Thanks.
  12. Yep, I've tried turning down the hud brightness and switched on the right console JVN/NVG switch, no joy. But it's definitely good to know that the issue wasn't caused by my rig :)
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