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  1. 400 hrs, private pilot single engine land and sea. lake la4 180 amphibian.
  2. mouse is working for me in the beta and alpha versions. this sim is very immersive. thanks for all the hard work this year eagle dynamics.
  3. maverick / a10c issue fixed for me. thanks to Bearfoot idea of running 2.0 as administrator the maverick now works when launched from a10c by me or wingman. thank you Bearfoot.
  4. I also have crashes even when wing man runs in with mav.(a10a and a10c). a10a wing man running in crash.zip
  5. thanks for this set up Slipp, can't wait to try it . very clever of you.
  6. will you release the fix for the c101 fps problem as an update in 1.5 or wait until you have completed other tasks at hand? thanks for the airplane.
  7. fps drop to unplayable level the avio c101 is having problems with excessive fps drops, see avio posts to get more info.
  8. same problem with c101 after update 3 to beta1.5 fps 1-3. all other mods are still running at 120fps. tried deleting the mod and the core mod then reinstalling followed by a fix beta1.5 with no luck.
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