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  1. Hey Will, We are working it, and we have just increased production. You should be up soon, and can follow what pre-orders we are shipping on our Discord in the "currently shipping orders" channel. Thanks for your patience, Miles
  2. Hey Fierypackman, You can Pre-Order PointCTRL here https://pointctrl.com/preorder-form/ No payment is required at the time of pre-order. An invoice will be sent within a week of you unit being ready to ship. Thanks for you interest, Miles
  3. If you have a small soldering iron, you can probably repair it yourself. If not, I should be able to repair it at no charge. If you can pop the cover and take a pic, I should be able to see if their is any damage.
  4. Hey PhoenixRising, Just DM me your address and I will send out a replacement. Its nice to see v1s still going strong!! Miles
  5. Nice button design for the mouse wheel. I am moving to a similar design for the next iteration of PointCTRL. Good Stuff!! I love seeing this type of home grown innovation. Miles
  6. Somewhat good news. Since we began shipping again after some production changes, we invoiced and shipped 30 days worth of orders in the 18 days . We have also started another round of manufacturing process improvements with the goal of doubling production again. Thanks again to everyone for your support and patience. We will continue to increase production and improve PointCTRL. We have some new things in the works for both firmware updates for v2, and are looking forward to a v3. Miles
  7. Hey DoorMouse, Can you DM the email or name you pre-ordered under so I can check it out. Thanks Miles
  8. Hey Tundra, Yea, I am the mostly active on the PointCTRL Discord. If you fly the Huey, you should join us over there on Wednesday nights at 2000Z for co-op Helo Ops. Miles
  9. Hey Guys, Production has increased, and I will continue to invest to continue to speed things up. Note: Last weeks batch that went out had a bug in the calibration code. I have fixed it as well as added a few new features. This update is only for version 2 and is available here https://pointctrl.com/firmware/
  10. Hey Murph, I could not find your request on discord, I recall you asking, If you send another I will get an invoice right out, The Aux Button are 25.00 USD per set of 2 (6 buttons total) with the harness and coverings. Thanks, Miles
  11. When you calibrate it should will take care of that. You will also have to where the FCU backwards. I do have a monitor prototype done that works completely different. Two sensors mount to upper left and upper right corners of the screen and the IRLED faces up. and forward.
  12. Unfortunately, they don't have them there. If you have Amazon there, these are the batteries. https://www.amazon.com/sea-jump-accessories-Quadcopter-Lithium/dp/B077ZT25PJ/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=150mah+lipo+battery&qid=1649007215&sr=8-13 Let me know if that works. Miles
  13. Hey Sr, Glad you are enjoying PointCTRL, It's not just your hand, PointCTRL can use a bit more tuning to help steady out the cursor. I am working on a GUI that will allow users to be able to adjust everything from IR light sensitivity to cursor smoothing to suit their needs best. Its always a balance between production and improvements, I usually go for improvements, which is why the wait list is so long. Thanks again for your patience, Miles
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