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  1. Slow repair did not help This shows and that is all. then after 15-20 seconds it disappears and does not launch DCS. IL-2 updates don't do this; they just run. This has happened to me with DCS a few times now, and I am not about to reinstall windows every time DCS devs want to update their game. Any other ideas are very welcome, except reinstalling Windows.
  2. Game shows login screen - then crashes - log included Win 10 64 bit pro RTX2060 latest drivers installed No mods and Saved Game/DCS folder was deleted. Help. starting as admin or regular does not make a difference dcs.log DxDiag.txt
  3. Thank you Sinclair and Majik The northern flank mission is a daytime mission, and the HMCS was not working there neither. That's why my nickel didn't fall. I remembered that installing both devices via the ground crew menu was an option. What I did not know is that you could also have NOTHING installed. I loaded Northern Flank and installed the HMCS via the radio and the ground crew and behold it worked. So, If you don't see the HMCS, the first option should be to talk to the ground crew (if you are on the tarmac and that option is available) and have them install either NVG's or the HMCS. I also read in Chuck's guide that only the Sidewinder X version is capable of high profile attacks. Haven't really tried that. In any case thank you for solving the problem, and pointing me in the right direction. Now I can enjoy the F-16.
  4. When loading up the 'king of the hill' single player mission that comes with the viper and one turns the HMCS knob clockwise it lights up and shows. However on this mission: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318600/ turning the knob clockwise does nothing. Both aircraft start cold and dark and I start up both with autostart this time for consistency purposes. also when starting mission 'nightly silence', a mission that comes with purchase of the module, no amount of fiddling with the knob will get the HMCS on. Fiddling with the DMS (Data management switch) left long or short does not work - it just cycles the different views on the MFD's in the viper. I would like to know what I need to do to switch the damn thing on in a consistent manner, since I want to use it in that mission. Adding both lines to the default.lua file and assigning both to a keyboard key HMCS on and HMCS off does nothing neither... { down = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 75, value_down = 1.0, name = _('HMCS Power ON'), category = _('HMCS Power')}, { down = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 75, value_down = 0.0, name = _('HMCS Power OFF'), category = _('HMCS Power')}, Also, on the left below the stick the 'MAIN PWR switch is fully forward" on both accounts. I don't understand what the hell is going on here Can someone advise? Thank you.
  5. @Wolfox1 If it is not classified information, could you (pretty please), share the information in a table format for the presented scenarios as above? BVR, CAS, SAM, Pop Up, and any others that you deem important? I mean burst quantity, burst interval, Salvo quantity, Salvo interval. etc. 60 chaff and flares get depleted pretty fast using the default DCS setup. I could make a kneeboard out of this that you could use to enter in the DTC program, and then it could be shared in files and loaded up into the DCS DTC program available for download here: Thank you.
  6. Yes, I goofed up. The Kamov I meant was the Ka-32 like the one used by Heliswiss heavylift. Yes it's a civilian helicopter, but so is the Christen Eagle, so I don't see any issues there. Since it's civilian, the systems would be declassified which is a plus, and it could be outfitted with door gunners and act as a troop transporter / coaxial rotor "gunbus" version of the Mi-8. absolutely fantastic helicopter. The South African "Rooivalk" would also be cool to scratch that South African Mercenary itch.
  7. Since I like the Kamov-50 flight model with its coaxial rotors much more than that of the Mi-24 and the Mi-8 for its better stability, I wou!d like to see: either: Ka-35 or Ka-226 T or both The Ka-35 would be a good contender for the missions the Mi-8 does, and all the missions of this helo could be ported to the Ka-35. The Ka-226 would be a cool utility/black ops insertion/recon helo.
  8. @Chic, You Sir, or Madam ar a star. Thank you. Yes I use JSGME.
  9. Hello, I would like to install the Cockpit by Devrim on DCS world openbeta 2.5.2, but cannot seem to find the folder for the MI-8. In D:\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft there is no MI-8 folder, although I have the module installed, and in C:\Users\myusername\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta There is no liveries either. Can anyone help? Thank you
  10. Really looking forward to this chopper, and hopefully we'll have a couple of different loadout possibilities like door gunners for example.
  11. Hardware: Oculus Rift CV1 Windows 10 DCS standalone version 1.58.12823 Bug; - Save a mission with the mission editor - Within mission editor start the mission up via the menu Flight - Fly Mission - Exit the mission (not to desktop) - Menu fails to show When exiting the mission the menu would not show up, just the hangar and the plane - which results in having to hard reset DCS via the task manager - end task. I purchased FC 3 among some modules yesterday and uninstalled it today to see if this would resolve the issue. When FC 3 is not installed, the menu after exiting the mission shows up again as intended. There must thus be some erroneous code in FC 3 that stops the menu from showing up. Wanted to report this if you are unaware of this behaviour. Happy new year to all of you.
  12. aaaand... let's not forget: A clickable cockpit for the SU-25T in order to have both the A-10 and the SU-25 workable in VR without having to remember switches. OR... A dev diary on how cockpits are created - The switches in the cockpit work when pressing keyboard shortcuts, so... wonder why the reverse would be such a hard thing to do. Would gladly pay for it as well just to be able to fly the SU-25 with a clickable cockpit, with its current Flight Model.
  13. Right, I've attached a track that demonstrates how impossibly flimsy the cable is when doing slingload operations in the Ka-50; feels more like silk than steel. On top of that, regardless if you fly the Ka-50, the Huey or the Mi-8; once the cable breaks, the communications menu refuses to show up to select a different load, or any other comms option for that matter. In order to activate the communications menu again (it will popup by itself) one needs to land the chopper. Anyone else agree to this, and can we call this tow bugs? Please Advise cargohook-impossible-KA-50.zip
  14. I totally agree. That is why I bought and enjoy the 'oil fields' campaign for the Mi-8, I would also enjoy to fly gliders if DCS would feature a proper weather system with thermals and windsocks that are actually usable and any glider module with a PFM. Not even Aerofly FS 2 (which supports VR as well) is multiplayer capable at the moment. I don't know or played SF2, but I did play Falcon BMS with track-IR. What I miss in F-BMS is the ability to use VR gear. What I miss in DCS is an F-16...and a DCS VR-rendering capability that can keep up with the jet's speed. Aaah... decisions, decisions... Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no issues with your desire to spend countless hours of flying above the ocean for realism sake sticking to using real time only, while you confine yourself to your seat for 6 hours on end - not sure that Vulcan Bombers had a toilet - while staring at the horizon and then enjoy 10 minutes of 'bombing action', since AFAIK the sim has no save function; and then ultimately 'navigate' 6 hours back to home plate. I am sure of two things however: 1) very few realism buffs - like myself - will go that far! PC's crash, Windows crashes and so does DCS ...occasionally; without even speaking of the 'time' factor. My game sessions are also very long (6 hours+) but my hands and brain need something to do. 2) I'd hate to be your keyboard when after 11 hours just before that succesful landing, Bill Gates' miracle OS decides to install updates :) no matter how 'zen' you are or how many yoga sessions you do every week. But...as in EECH and EEAH you have the whole of Georgia, which is not a small country... but yes if you fly at Mach 2+... The aerial re-fuelling bit is still usable (comparable to the same feature in Falcon BMS) even if you don't fly halfway around the globe; since due to weight and balance issues your fuel load will be a factor depending on your weapons package. I did not mean to minimize the "Combined Arms" module. I do not own it and my judgement is based on Youtube videos. The tank 'driving' that the module offers however is pretty minimal and if a level of realism could be obtained in DCS that could hold a candle to the way SABOW handles it, I would be very happy even on the existing terrain. Speaking of priorities terrain wise, how 'bout getting those trees usable as a terrain masking feature. I usually fly the Helicopter modules (because DCS gets more time to render the terrain for my VR setup with less hiccups than when I fly jets) it's absolutely aggravating that trees cannot be used for cover, a mundane feature which I feel is an absolute MUST on the DCS to-do list; I'm not even asking for different tree models! Just trees that will mask the sound of my chopper and incoming sams or AAA. I have Georgia on my mind, with better curves and collide-able t..rees before anything else. :) Could not agree more with that! On top of that, I would like to see a dynamic war system just like in EECH or EEAH, or like was done for ARMA 3 by the ALiVE mod team. One that would intelligently spawn and render entities depending on their distance from you, since the currently available quick-missions involving a lot of units (even those that cannot be seen) make DCS in VR a nauseating slideshow.
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