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  1. Great improvement, congrats ! Here are my remarks: - UHF mode switch still return to the default position by itself - Barometric pressure calibration knob stop turning after some clics - All lights must be a 3 position switch - Hydraulique emergency pump switch must be a 3 position switch - Pitot heat switch must be down as default position You are near the end on this i think :)
  2. Ok, another report: - The bomb interval swtch is missing - UHF radio mode selector knob works but come back to the default position by itself
  3. If only :) No just a well documented french passionate, i'm relatively new on DCS and i have to say that the M-2000C is very realistic and pleasent to fly. Your work is a great addition to it, i'll be glad to help improve it.
  4. Ok first 3 positions switch works well. Here is what i found so far: -Validate data entry of the INS doesn't work - INS digits aren't working while data entry - INS Pcn sub r b doesn't work -Ins operrational mode knob turn opposite to the sim - Hud Switch should be in lower position by default - Radar altimeter power Switch should be in lower position by default - BR, DA, D2M and decoy release mode Switch should be in lower position by default - D2M switch doesn't work - Tacan mode select knob work but come back to the default position by itself
  5. Hello H-J-P, thanks a lot. I test and i report.
  6. I mean 3 positions like the HUD altimeter selector
  7. Hello, report for today: The HUD power switch doesn't work, it's the same problem as for the EW switches (BR, D2M..) they should be at 3 positions not 2? As it is the functions return to the sim is Off and Test, we need a third position for On
  8. Maybe with a "false" cover, a light just beside the switch ?
  9. Hello, Another day, another report :) - The anti squid switch is not working. I think as the jettison selector it's becaus of the cover. The cover is not open so the selector don't work. - The TACAN selector mode is not working it turn but it immediately return to the default position and nothing happen in the game - The UHF mode selector is not working
  10. Hello can you specify (wich line) where in the viewporthandling the kneeboard position is ?
  11. Hello, well i take some time to understand the wole thing but that's it now all works well :) First thanks a lot for your great program it permit to make a big step in the simulation. I use the Mirage 2000 prifile so here are some feedbacks: - The INS (UNI) operation selector is inverted. It turn on the opposite way of the game and by default is set to "MAIN", it should be set to "N" - The BR, DA, D2M selectors of the counter mesure panel are not working the on position in the profile set the in game position to TEST not to ON - The UNI VAL switch is not working - The UNI digits did not appear when entering datas - The jettison selective switch is not working I will post more feedbacks in the future Thanks again for your great work !
  12. So what do you mean by "Graphics for RWR FA-18 and M-2000C" ?
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