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  1. @BIGNEWY We need the hi-res option for this map!
  2. Thanks for the response and congrats on the release. I think you guys can make this the top map in DCS with some time. It has huge potential. Can you comment on if you are considering releasing a larger size map (in terms of storage space) with higher res imagery? I noticed its almost the same size as Syria on disk. Is there some sort of hard size limit in DCS?
  3. Agree with everything being said here. It's certainly not worth $55 in its current state. I was hoping for higher resolution terrain mesh and textures then what we got. Whats up with the area around Ushuaia? You'd think that'd be a place to really focus on by the developers at release since its one of the most scenic locations but the mountain textures and mesh is very low quality. I hope they aren't holding back the higher res imagery due to people whining about disk space. I don't care if its 500 GB I'll find the space for it. This region is gorgeous and deserves better. Hopefully my money was well spent and Raz is hard at work making improvements.
  4. I feel like DCS has been over saturated in general since a few updates ago. I use reshade tonemap shader to adjust the saturation down.
  5. Excellent suggestion. I do the same thing myself. Makes troubleshooting mod issues easier as well.
  6. \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\tech Drop the "Pilot Ground" folder in tech.
  7. Back on page 2 SUNTSAG posted an updated link. That one still works.
  8. Its the latest UH-60L mod. It breaks sound on the HH-60, MAM C-2A and E-2D and probably others. Hope this helps someone who comes across the same problem.
  9. Yep it's a mod conflict. I removed all other mods and sound is back. Not sure which one is causing the trouble yet.
  10. Hmm.. I wonder if its a mod conflict then. I assume you're running the latest open beta?
  11. Well thats a bummer. It seems it can't find the "HelicopterFan.sdef". If I change the HH-60's rotor.sdef first line to- inherit = "Aircrafts/Engines/HelicopterFan" That gets rid of the error message in the dcs.log but still no sound. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this if possible?
  12. Anyone else not getting any rotor sound? I'm seeing this in the dcs.log.. 2022-04-25 14:59:03.505 INFO SOUND: Added sound path: F:\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods/tech/HH-60_Seahawk/Sounds 2022-04-25 14:59:03.505 ERROR SOUND: can't open proto file "/sounds/35/sdef/helicopterfan.sdef" 2022-04-25 14:59:03.505 ERROR SOUND: failed to load sdef HelicopterFan referenced in /sounds/35/sdef/rotor.sdef
  13. Thank you! I had just started re-writing the lights_data to fix it myself. This saves me some time and looks great.
  14. The landing and taxi lights aren't behaving correctly for me. They don't turn on for approach or taxi. I noticed in the lua files the lights_data for each aircraft is calling argument 208 and 209. If I look at the models in model viewer the landing lights are argument 51. Changing it to use arg 51 gets them to turn on but the lights don't illuminate the aircraft or ground. Here's whats currently in the lua files for landing/taxi lights. [2] = { typename = "collection", lights = {-- 1=Landing light -- 2=Landing/Taxi light {typename = "spotlight", connector = "MAIN_SPOT_PTR", argument = 209,color = {1, 1, 1}, dir_correction = {elevation = math.rad(-1)}}, {typename = "spotlight", connector = "MAIN_SPOT_PTR", argument = 208,color = {1, 1, 1}, dir_correction = {elevation = math.rad(3)}}, } Anyone have any ideas to fix this?
  15. I would pay good money for a head tracking solution that worked well with variable refresh rates. In my experience TrackIR is only smooth locked 60 fps. I run a G-Sync display with in game V-sync OFF, NVCP V-Sync set to FAST and framerate locked to 60 fps in NVCP. With TrackIR precision mode enabled panning is super smooth. Anytime the framerate dips under 60 fps however I start to see some micro stutter that I find highly annoying. I suppose some people aren't bothered by this by it drives me insane.
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