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  1. I sometimes get similar effects in other planes but not as pronounced as in the mig21 @Art-J
  2. In my experience all weapons firing 7.62 or similar caliber no longer have tracers visible in the current open beta, such as MTLB. .50cal or similar and higher still have tracer visible. Infantry still always seem to be using tracer. I actually think it looks better and these weapons generally engage over a short enough distance that you can adjust fire by observing the round impacts.
  3. Whoever marked this as solved, it is not solved! I was able to reproduce the problem. I fixed the issue with deleting metashader and FXO files (again), then flew a night misison in the Mig21. Texture was fine. Then I flew a quick day misison. Day texture looked a little weird to me. Then I went back to a night mission and the cockpit is glowing in the dark again. Closing DCS, uninstalling FXO and metashader, then reopening DCS appears to solve the issue without running a repair. Also when the problem occurs it also seems to make water glow as you can see in this screenshot from Bandar Abbas looking south.
  4. Repair, FXO, metashader routine did not fix the issue long term. The mig21 cockpit is glowing again in another session.
  5. The bunker units do not register hits from WWII units, and therefore do not take damage. Please see the attached track in which a variety of WWII asset pack units fire on the four bunker types in the game. You will see on the mission log, no hits are registered. I then switch the AI off for all the WWII units and switch an M1 Abrahms tank to weapons free. As you can see, it is able to destroy all four bunkers because DCS does detect its rounds hitting the bunkers. I personally do not consider this to be a low priority bug! This failure of the damage model can break the game, preventing the user from placing bunkers in situations where they could engage WWII ground units. I would also like to point out that this bug has existed in DCS for a considerable period of time, affects a paid add on to DCS (the WWII asset pack), and breaks combat as the bunkers are invulnerable to WWII ground units, even if the WWII units have weapons which should be able to damage or destroy the bunkers. I do know that this bug has been reported before, by me: On October 9, 2021 https://forum.dcs.world/topic/283907-bunker-takes-no-damage-from-tanks/#comment-4793819 On July 19, 2020 https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/241021-already-reportedsherman-cannot-damage-bunker/ and on December 23, 2019 https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/221364-reportedbunker-with-sk-c28-naval-gun-issue I hope you understand I mean no disrespect in repeating comments I have made previously. I am a longtime fan of DCS world and am only trying to help improve the game. WWII bunker problem.trk
  6. This issue has existed through the last few versions for me (currently on version and repair, delete FXO, and metashader has not fixed it.
  7. See track. The intention of the mission (which would take place at night) is for the armed speedboat to fire at the superstructure of the tanker. The closest I have come to realizing this is to get the speedboat to fire at a point, which I think would work if the altitude option worked. Instead it just fires at the waterline. The fire at point altitude option works for all AAA units I have tried, why not make it work for all units? The more options we have to edit missions the better! Fire at point altitude.trk
  8. Deleting FXO, metashaders, and running a repair has corrected the problem.
  9. On Aircraft interiors and exteriors have become very bright at night time, making it hard to see out of the cockpit. Mig21 seems most affected. Moon phase doesn't affect this. It is like there is a lighbox effect causing the aircraft to self illuminate at night or something, not sure exactly how to describe it. A friend flying mig21 in multiplayer reported the same effects.
  10. It appears this feature is still not implemented, but it would be nice to have. For example arrangements on aircraft carrier decks could be changed during a mission if we had some mechanism to activate and deactivate units (without getting into scripting which really isn't accessible to most players).
  11. Could you make it so the AAA tracks but does not fire until the target reaches the range set by the interception range option. Or remove the interception range option for those units it does not effect as having it in the mission editor is potentially confusing to users. Personally I would prefer if this option worked for all DCS units as there are times I would like to set units in the mission editor who deliberately do not engage at their maximum range, whether they are firing at aircraft, ground targets, whatever. I have friendly and enemy units wasting ammo and giving their positions away by opening up as soon as a target is detected within their maximum engagement circle.
  12. Thank you for this, I spent quite a bit of time wondering why the laser wouldn't fire
  13. Interception range does appear to work for radar guided SAM sites but does not appear to effect (or doesn't have a significant effect) on AAA guns. It would be nice to have the ability to limit all units engagement range through the mission editor, ideally to set an engagement range for both air and ground targets. Interception range 20%.trk Interception range 100%.trk
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