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  1. Thanks for the pic, but I am not sure how to test in the sim. Do you have an explanation why the guy in the video says drag of flaps is much too high?
  2. Hi guys, as I read about getting the Yak out of Alpha (finally! ), I wonder if the issue with the flaps drag will be resovled? The drag is much too high, as reported here: It would be great if the Yak could be flown by the numbers. Thanks, Olli
  3. Yes, another civilian prop for DCS would be cool. Anyway, while the turn coordinator and a few other things do not work, I like flying the Yak too due to the flight model. Good value when on sale, despite the flaws.
  4. If you are willing to share - I am waiting eagerly for a complete manual with all STLs, parts and software to start my own project. I feel a FF-stick can add so much to the realism... but before spending $200 on parts and not knowing exactly what to do, I rather wait. Keep it up!
  5. Quatar has a single Rafale and 1,500 personell, Pakistan has 50 JF-17 and 70,000 personell.
  6. On ebay you might find the P-51 DVD version cheaper than being on sale.
  7. Not sure if this has been answered before: The T-45C is a "paid" version, with the licensefile included in the download. The EULA also speaks of the possibility of VNAO to revoke the licence at any time without prior notice. I really like the T-45C, which leads me to the question: Whats next? Is it going to be a commercial product one day, like we have seen with the MB339? edit: Where is a place to report bugs? The RPM-gauge is off. Set it to like 80% with the big pointer, the small one will be somewhere around 5 instead of 0.
  8. That mod is a labor of love! Thank you!
  9. What do you say about the ground effect? I don't feel much of it. Flying the R-22 in Aerofly (which is supposed to be the most realistic recreation of flight dynamics on homecomputers), I can basically just set the throttle to descent, then near the ground it slows down and flys level. Just like a walk in the park. Not so with the Hind, is this realistic?
  10. Hi there, I still have the original Black Shark sim on a DVD with a serial which I would like to install for historic reasons - also to try out the BS In the past I had some trouble running 1.5.7 and 2.5 in parallel, as they seem to use the same configuration files in Windows' /users-folder. Is that possible, or will I run into a myriad of trouble?
  11. I won't go for the Apache nor Kiowa, but if the flight model of the 105 is done properly, that's an instant buy. Keep it up, guys!
  12. Does this happen only to the C-101? I had this in the Mirage several times, but later found out some other Windows-program pushed itself in front of DCS, therefore DCS was only active in the background.
  13. Ah cool, thank you! So static pressure resolution basically does not play a role. I did not expect the ADC to be so precise. What about the fuel-indicator in the HUD vs. MFD?
  14. @uboatsYes, thanks for changing this! Still, I wonder if the altitude steps at higher altitude stay the same? You guys set it at 3ft, I think. At 40000ft the baro pressure is only about 1/5 than at sea level. That means the altitude differences which is measured by the baro sensors with a certain resolution (smallest measureable difference) get larger too. I am just deducting here, but judging from this, altitude steps at 40.000 ft should be at around 15ft. Also one thing I noticed: When going at full afterburner, the fuel display in the MFD counts down in steps larger than 1. The HUD fuel display however, still reduces by single steps. Why is this? Perhaps it's a feature, don't know. @Wawar: If you look at the JF-17 commercial video posted above, you can see the HUD itself refreshes faster than the altitude readouts. So I suppose it's pretty much realtime, unlike e.g. the HUD of the F-14. Alt indication is limited by the signals from the barometer, while the HUD itself can refresh faster.
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