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  1. Dozer_4

    Paris 2016/07/14

    Looks like he has some kind of Tablet PC on his left leg? Anyone knows anything about that?
  2. Yeah, that´s a feature that has been around for some time now. In SP or you being the mission host you have to fly your plane into a fixed boom, whereas someone else hosting the mission the operator helps you out (as he should). Try it at either the "476_NTTR_RAFAIR..." or the 104 Training Server "476_NTTR_Range...". Both have a Tanker at the right speed for the F-15 and you´ll see it will be way easier to hook up.
  3. +1 And while I´m at it I´d also like to ask for a specific ammount of fuel to be transfered. Say 3-, 5-, 8000 and full. Guess this could realised fairly easy with the Comms Menue.
  4. Missed that, thank you Sir! That´s a neat setup.
  5. On the cockpit shots a few pages back I don´t see anything that looks like a RWR. Wasn´t there any? And another question - did they have some sort of NVG´s?
  6. On Zulu Alert a F-15 is out of the door in 3-4 minutes, STORed Alignment (aircraft has not been moved since shutdown) takes about 3 minutes, full alignment around 9 minutes. Pretty much as with the M2000. Could be crappier :)
  7. Dozer_4

    ECM help request

    Does this jammer priority have any additional/ different effect on the radars of said SU-27 and F-15 as opposed to the "standard" mode?
  8. I don´t. But I also think that 16 Flares are enough ...
  9. Hi all, looking for some F-15C pilots who seek a more realistic approach to flying this awesome plane. Flight Preparation, Briefing, Mission Profiles and ofc the flying itself as close to real life as the Sim allows us to. If that sounds like something you´d like to do send me a PM or leave a note here. I´m GMT +1 but work shift, thus am able to fly at off hrs too. Cheers D
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