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  1. Awesome, I checked today and my order has been processed and sent, now I just like to know how the track it.:D Thanks guys (and gals, if there are any in the company)
  2. screen, I'd just be patient, it will be done when its done. @speedy, calm down, I've been waiting for about a week now and I've made one post regarding the transaction and it was very calm and very civilized. These people with Eagle Dynamics are in Russia, not the US.
  3. No need to apologize, just clarifying just like you asked. :thumbup:
  4. I've bought Lock On: Modern Air Combat, is that not required to get the Flaming Cliffs addon? I've been waiting patiently for these 72 hours and I figured I might as well post up my Transaction reference so that the CD can be shipped. Ubisoft no longer has the game availabe for purchase, so I came here for LockOn:M.A.C. and Flaming Cliffs. I hope that straightens things out a bit.
  5. Hi, First post, just wanted to place my transaction code up so things can run a bit more smoothly. I'm very patient, and look forward to getting this game soon. Transaction reference: TXN2NBARZNT35BH1SD after my next paycheck I will be buying Flaming Cliffs as well, great looking products guys.:music_whistling::thumbup:
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