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  1. Finally had a little bit of time to experiment it, and in CCIP mode the bombs indeed do release at pickle button press - no questions asked ! That's what I was looking for, now must try it with my "release profile" using the FLIR TPOD...
  2. Sure, I believe I also wrote we are talking about physics you know.
  3. They can lag and sag whatever they do, but this is physics; and with enought height nad speed, eventually they will travel a given distance. Eitherway, my point is that (in DCS at the least) using GBUs seems more 'method restricted' and cumbersome in the Viper than in the Hornet.
  4. Hahaaa ! So was that what happened ! I've done that mission in some hurry yesterday before leaving my PC, and in fact at some point in the F2 external view I've noticed 2 bombs disappeared after a while... so I imagined they could have collided between them or something. Yes, I've noticed I should point the aircraft's nose down a few degrees prior bomb release moment, so that the GBUs seeker could catch the laser. ''Auto drop, don't understand it - I'm doing kind of a 'Manual drop'... On the second bold, I'm mostly using this kind of attack profile, which although not a real scenario one, is merely a personal preference. It's the one which allows for bomb release from altitude and at some distance; the MANUAL is merely the mode which gives the possibility to do the release in those conditions - without delay / release cues and count down timers.
  5. @Chain_1, as promised: Here is the mission track. Droped 4 x GBU-10s with a 950 milisecond interval (didn't go too well)... So maybe 2 of them colided between them and exploded, but the other 2 managed to hit the frigate and caused 47 % damage. - this time released form under 13 nm, and somewhat at 28.000 ft... but they do get to the target. F'A-18C vs Frigate (GBU-10).trk
  6. Hello @Chain_1, Be my guest, I will gladly provide it. As I'm surprised with which might have been the difficulties encountered ? The only thing is it can be a long track as i've never saved one, and so I imagine it will be the complete mission.
  7. Yes, at the bottom info bar in F2 outside view, the GBU-10 pitch tipically shows - 14º if I recal correctly, I'm yet to confirm.
  8. I believe it's roughly 14º or so, with an >400 kts 'true speed', if I recal correctly from yesterday. But I have to get on my PC to confirm it. And yes it's correct - from my prefered attack profile from distance and high altitude, I'm not using CCRP as I'm releasing the GBUs way before an CCRP release cue. (I do it in the Hornet, as in the Viper I've not yet managed to accomplish it so far - I'll try it in a few hours.)
  9. Yes, sure enough I don't question that. The thing with what the 'immediate release' allows for, is just a personal preference of mine - I like the kind of 'standoff profile' of releasing the GBUs on a naval vessel, from 25.000 ft at 13 ~ 14 nm distance. ... without an 'immediate release' possibility (i.e. count down timer; release / delay cue) one is obligated to get closer to the target ... which isn't my prefered attack profile. I've been doing it for a long time in the Hornet, and now I've passed to the Viper as I also enjoy studying it. The thing is: in the Viper some TGP / FLIR modes / functions do appear to be more cumbersome, confusing or still WIP. Didn't understood the part about 'chucking the bomb anywhere within a quarter mile" - isn't this extremely close to the target ? Same as above. Regarding the bold, yes I understand it - hence the necessity of a diving profile prior releasing the GBU, then one can see the count down timer counting faster, than in a level flight. But my 'preference' (not realistic I know), is to deploy the GBU and stay high looking at the situation ... this calls for a more free bomb release possibility - which CCRP doesn't allow from very high and at distances of 13 nm.
  10. Thank you. Ok, I'll try it later and see how it goes, it would be awsome if it does indeed allow for "free" bomb release.
  11. Yes I am. I do keep the laser trigger pressed the entire flight path, otherwise the GBUs may start an early pitch down moment, which would cause to decrease their reach.
  12. In the DCS Hornet, it is easily attainable for the GBU-10 in the following conditions: - level flight at 25.000 ft or higher; - speed roughly Mach 0.9 or above when release time; - target (naval vessel) stationary - 0 kts speed. Certainly the aircraft must be near those airspeeds, otherwise the bombs will not have the kinetic energy to travel those distances.
  13. ... that bold does explain some stuff. Sure, what I'm insterested in, is in an alternate method to not be dependent of the delay cue. Ok then, exactly how can I chose and employ a completely bomb "drop at will" release, without any restrictions ? Is it MANUAL or DTOS ?
  14. Very good - that's precisely what I wish to do, but in that case why aren't the bombs dropping when I press the release button ?
  15. Hello again everyone, thank you for your time and answers. Not exactly a stranger to other very famous Viper sims in the past (mostly in Air to Air combat), I've yet a lot to study more thoroughly in the Viper regarding Air to Ground systems. Functions like: Cursor zero, snow plow, etc. seem to not obey / always work when requested... whereas in the Hornet they always respond when their letters are available in the MFD's OSB buttons - that's why I ask if it's still work in progress in the DCS F-16. Don't know why my previous post appeared in dark background, but my main doubts for the viper are: - is the DCS F-16C's GBU-10 / Litening TGP implementation concluded (finished) already, or is it still WIP ? - is the GBU-10 release on the Viper always dependent on a release / steering line and count down timer; or is it also able to release the GBU almost "at will" like in the Hornet ? ... because in the Hornet I can release a GBU-10 from 13 nm, at 25.000 ft, level flight, and hit the naval vessel, whitout the release / steering line profile. ... in the Viper, one is obliged to wait for the release cue - very close to the target; or the bomb isn't released.
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