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  1. Tried asking this in FC2, What is the command for speed hold for the SU-33. There was an older post for midair refuelling and the author said to engage speed hold. Is it called something else? Thanks for any help.:)
  2. OK, maybe if I ask it this way. What is the command for speed hold?
  3. Reading an older post about air to air refueling in the SU-33 and the author says to engage speed hold, is that called something else in the autopilot rundown? It's a very good post but I can't find a command for speed hold. Is it autothrust?
  4. To anybody still using this thing. Would you mind sharing what functions you mapped to the various buttons. Just curious what you guys use to control various flight modes. Been trying to fly the SU-33 and was hoping someone might share what button you use to change or operate radar, weapons, things like that. I tried mapping the cockpit zoom to the precision slider but no luck. it will work with the pov hat 3 button though. Just wondering what you guys find that works best for you. Thanks for reading:thumbup:.
  5. I downloaded DCS from steam, but having some issues with it. FC2 is playing ok, just trying to map stuff that's driving me nuts.
  6. ok I mapped my hat switch on my throttle to zoom in and out on the SU-33 and it works fine. If I understand right, I need to go into the MIG-29 cockpit and map the same hat button to do the same thing. Problem, IT works in then flanker but not the mig. Doing something wrong:music_whistling: just not sure what. Any ideas on what I might have missed. Recap- I'm coming from il2, new to FC2. I have DCS downloaded from steam but having some fps issues, so can't fly that yet.:mad: Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you very much. That helps.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Let me first say I do have some flying experience but nothing military. My first question is the brakes. Coming from toe brakes I see you need to press the w key to brake. Does this put brakes full on, do you press w key off and on to modulate braking? in preparing to take off, how do you hold the aircraft while running up to mill power. I've tried searching the sight, utube, and net but can't find an answer. All I can find is about mapping the brake key. If someone could point me in the right direction. Again, thanks for the replies:)
  9. Coming from Il2 1946 thought I would give this a shot. I know about FC3 and DCS, but computer not ready for that yet.:mad: Got this, walk before run you know. Anybody still playing FC2? I have some questions. :) Thanks.
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