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  1. May I ask to add the old and new Desert Rock airfields? If you would like a hand-drawn approach plate I have one. They were used by the Dept of Energy for A-Bomb testing, and now I believe the new Desert Rock is used as an Aux field for UAV testing. I'm not 100% on this.
  2. Well there were other issues, so I decided it's time to go to DCS 2 and enjoy the Nevada area and it's other benefits. I resisted because it has been "beta" for so long. Thanks again for the help though.
  3. Ah, excellent! I still have the old one running. I'll deactivate there. I'm still having trouble with the installers seeing DCS on the new system. I'll dig further when I get my next chance to look at it. Thanks for the info.
  4. I've moved my entire DCS World folder to a new computer. It is now on the C drive instead of the S Drive. I think I have some issues with licensing serial numbers at cetera. Should I just start over? Or is there a fairly straightforward way to migrate?
  5. I hope you're looking at simplifying the installation, updating, and licensing. I totally get the need for licensing, and the web-verify/key/password scheme is fine. Detecting and applying updates is really difficult (read the blog?). Also I would LOVE to have a single unified package including the training, docs, and qualifications, that self-updates. I'd pay for it in one transaction and maybe a subscription for updates... Just a thought.
  6. And I found this where the confusion goes back years: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1068563 -------------- snip --------------- ILS Training mission The real Batumi runway 13 is 130.89° true (AIP, Mar 2010) thus 126°? magnetic (given 5°E var). In-game I get a 119.8° magnetic readout on HARS which suggests 125.3° true (DCS says 5.5°E for that location). And yet the angular relationship between the lines of longitude in the ME and the runway edge is 131.3° so... a serious "angle audit" is in order. In DCS:BS the map rotated as you moved it so that true north was always straight up for the center of the ME screen. In WH it doesn't seem to be so (yet.) At least in FAA rules the naming of the runway and the actual magnetic heading can differ by 15° so a 056 named runway 7 is technically fine. Also notice that the CRS knob setting that results in a course to the runway when centered on the localizer and the setting that results in a 0 bank command again when centered on the LOC are different... again by about 5-6°.
  7. I just spent the whole morning trying to figure this out, and I finally came here to post this question... then I found this great IFR/ILS mission BATUMI IFR / ILS Landing A-10C which is what I have been working on independently (I had no idea this other mission existed until 10 min ago ugh). My issue is with the inbound course of the localizer. Everything, including the Mission Editor (attached) and the Georgian Air Navigation (Sakaeronavigatsia Ltd.) plates (also attached) all show the localizer inbound course at 126 degrees magnetic. Note that using the ruler tool in the Mission Editor also shows 126 magnetic. I verified that the ruler tool shows magnetic by lining it up with the lat/long grid and it shows 355 degrees. Right, magnetic. However JorgeIII (as well as me) have discovered that the course in the A-10C is 119 degrees magnetic, and sitting aligned with the runway shows 300 deg (close enough). When you're at the FAP, the airport is indeed at a bearing of 119, both visually and via an EGI steerpoint if you put one at the touchdown zone. How can this be?
  8. I guess Batumi falls into the latter classification. Thanks guys.
  9. The DCS Updater GUI Utility Hello ... Beginner here... This looks like an epic tool! But what command line stuff should I know about? Beyond rolling out mods with JSGME then saying "yes" when DCS says there's an update, then rolling them back in, what else is there? I don't mean to minimize your work, I am asking a naive question. If there is a place where I can RTFM the answer I'm good with that!
  10. Ok things are settling down and working well now. Putting the aerodrome names into MS voice dictionary really helped. I was unable to add my own pronunciations to these. No matter what it would not hear my speech with or without the button press. No problem with speech input under other conditions, just in the dictionary pronunciation window. It still seems to have helped. I also added a few other words. Hollywood this is such a great addition thank you profusely, including your prompt assistance. Software is a service not a product, and you get that!!
  11. Ok thanks guys. It seems even the experts are foggy on this, so I will press on and live with it.
  12. That didn't work. As you can see it will now do a downwind takeoff (look at the smokes in the background). I had the low level wind set to 10 M/s. This can't be difficult :-)
  13. Oh geeze!!! How crazy simple. Thanks I'll check it later after work.
  14. While I can place an aircraft in the mission in position for takeoff ("Takeoff from") it seems I have no choice for the runway? I am at Batumi, my a/c symbol is forced to appear midway on the runway, and there is no Heading selection/field. How can I determine for this aircraft to be lined up for takeoff on RWY13 vs RWY31?
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