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  1. Can't reproduce either ^^' But I really think it was more of a DCS problem than a campaign problem.
  2. Just checked, and just have to launch simapppro, then ask to sync light with DCS. Works very well !
  3. Ok, nice to know, I'll try. (We're talking about the red blinking light of the landing gear, right ?)
  4. Hello ! I have a question, is there any way to sync the landing gear light with any planes and not only F-18 ? A-10C II for exemple. Thanks ! Have a nice day !
  5. Hello ! Yes to all ! First radio check on default freq is ok, 2nd and 3rd with no voices (triple checked freq and power on). No problem after (I hear Biff normally with no problem).Maybe a DCS bug with voices. I saw someone had same problem with another mission.
  6. Hello ! Great campaign, thanks for that On start of mission 3, even with the correct radio frequencies, no voices for the first 2 radio checks. Not a big issue, but still want to give the info All voices and everything else is going fine in the mission after this point. Have a nice day !
  7. Hello !! Thanks ! Was looking for this since some time now. Would you be able to explain a bit how it works ? I saw that you removed the for loop on the original code and I quite don't understand how the original code works... It's like each clic do it 3 times, but in the code, 2 different status with a loop 30 times ?? What the .... ? Would it be possible to have each clic of the wheel do something, instead of 1 per 2 clicks ? Thanks !
  8. Your kneeboards for the A-10C and F-18 are the best I've seen for now ! Well done and thanks ! If you want to do the same for F-16, Mirage 2000 or the Mi-24P, please, feel free to do
  9. Hello, Is there still a problem with the campaign ? Thanks
  10. Would really love to have this campaign with 2.7 clouds, or at least, the A-10C II.
  11. This option currently works with the modules that are available in the application Ok ! Thanks I tried also with the A-10C II and it didn't work either, but well, not really needed on this one ! Thanks for your hard work
  12. That's the first thing I've done Maybe it's not working for planes ? I must admit that yesterday I tried only with the Mi-24P
  13. Yes, absolutely. No problem at all with other tools. It's really only the map.
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