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  1. Is switching sides possible during testing? Would like to switch to red to balance the numbers a bit Callsign Elmo
  2. I pretty much fly all of those in addition to the 25T Is TAW organized in a way that requires members do specialize in one particular unit, or are people able to switch between aircraft they know how to fly depending on what is required?
  3. That's interesting, so at lower altitudes there's now a minimum range on the radar Updated the question to cobra with an alternative scenario, thanks
  4. Could we get a definite answer on how the radar is supposed to work at low altitudes? I'm flying level 100 meters above ground. Visually acquired a F5, 12 o'clock high, above the horizon, above my nose. No mountains, just flat ground. Range to target 3500 meters (alternative scenario: range is 10000 meters so it doesn't get masked). Target is within the radar field of view Is the radar supposed to detect this F5? Or is the radar supposed to be completely non-functional at low altitudes even when contacts are clearly above your own plane? What about low altitude compensation with the radar being tilted upwards 1.5deg? That'd help a lot to differentiate between intended and bugged behavior Edit: Not asking how the *real* radar works, simply asking how you intended the modeled in-game radar to work.
  5. Alright sweet, people who know how radars work 1) As seen in this thread, the radar fails to pick up any target once you fly below a certain altitude threshold (say, for instance, below 5000 ft), even if your target is way above the horizon, or even if your target is very close to you - is this realistic behavior? 2) if you flip your plane and fly inverted, the radar can now detect all targets no problem whatsoever regardless how close to the ground you are - is it supposed to work like this?
  6. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2860244&postcount=44 Please at least read through the thread before blindly defending LN, otherwise the Mig21 will never be in a working condition
  7. I'm just gonna theorize right now. Somewhere in their ground clutter simulation they forgot a minus sign. At higher altitudes this doesn't matter because the ground clutter factor is way too low. However at lower altitudes ground clutter does become a factor. Flipping your plane "fixes" the missed / additional minus sign and the radar clutter simulation now thinks you're flying level Alright, that's it, I'm out
  8. So I guess it's a bug related to ground clutter. If you're too low ground clutter hides all targets, period, even if they're clearly above you and you're looking up. Then for some reason flying inverted deactivates or normalizes the ground clutter interference
  9. Ok this is getting weird as **** If I start at 3500 I can see targets in level flight on my radar for 1 to 2 seconds right after I start the mission. Then they disappear and I have to invert again at which point it picks up all targets no problem. Back to level flight and they're invisible again
  10. I ran the DCS_updater with the repair option just to be sure, no issue there Also not using any mods
  11. Level flight: No matter how far away I am or how close I get, the radar doesn't pick up any target Inverted flight: Targets get detected from quite a distance Mission is attached, it's consistent on my end, restarted the mission 4 or 5 times and always got this behavior MigRadarTest.miz
  12. As far as I can tell it's not consistent behavior. On one sortie the radar works (more or less, it at least picks up SOME targets), then on the next I suddenly have to fly inverted for it to pick up anything at all. Seems to be a more complex bug, maybe the unexpected behavior only occurs at certain altitudes or depends on some other geometrical properties. I even had a sortie where the radar did work in the beginning, then after some time it just stopped picking up targets and I had to go into inverted flight again (though this was probably caused by being at different altitudes when it worked / didn't work). No idea what state the plane / target / world needs to be in for this to occur, seems almost random EDIT I'm going to try building a singleplayer mission that shows this bugged behavior consistently. Should I succeed I'll upload the mission, if I can't get it to bug out consistently I'll also report that
  13. Can confirm it's broken in multiplayer as well. I can't pick up ANYTHING in level flight on my radar. As soon as I roll and fly inverted every contact appears like expected Please note that I noticed this abnormal behavior BEFORE reading this thread. There was no external influence, I noticed on my own that the radar does not behave as it should. I used to fly the 21 a lot, the radar has definitely degraded massively on my machine as soon as I returned to level flight my radar was clear again and it was impossible for me to pick up those targets. Went back to flying inverted, boom, contacts appeared on the radar almost instantly Edit: Only tested this at low altitudes. Radar may or may not work properly at higher altitudes
  14. We used do have this before 1.5, now that VR is slowly but surely coming to DCS it'd be nice to have this back Shadows currently MURDER VR performance (as they're rendered "worldwide", twice, even though you can't even make them out through the low-res rift), but the cockpit also looks kind of bland/flat if you turn shadows completely off Edit: as requested, 780 TI, i5 OC'ed to 4Ghz, 8 gigs of ram on windows 10 and 7
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